Saturday Day 27: Fit Fierce, and Fabulous!

Hey everyone! Oh my gosh I cannot believe I am almost done with this program! I have really enjoyed it a ton and I cant wait to do it again sometime soon! 🙂

Todays word of the day: Proud

Todays Mantra: I have so many accomplisments to celebrate!

Morning bootycall: Well I bet you can guess that one! haha my walk with my girl Lulu!

BE FIT Challenge: The Victory Lap………………well I walked and worked all day long in Denver for a family freind and I walked miles and miles in 85 degree weather so I called that my workout because I sweated and worked really hard all day long.  I didnt stop moving once from 8am-7pm.  It was a good day and I will do this Victory lap the following week just to say Ive done it!

BE FIERCE Challenge: Rack up your victories……………… we go!


When I first started this program, Physically I felt…. sluggish and lazy and not myself.  I was ready for something to kick my butt back in gear.

Today I feel….. Amazing and much more in shape than I was before I started this journey 27 days ago. I dont feel bloated as much and altogether more energized.

My energy level at the begining was….. about a 5, somedays it was good and some days I just didnt feel up to anything!

Today my level is…….most the time a 10 or a 9 depending on how much I did the day before!

On day one my measurements were……arms 11, waist 26, thigh 21, booty 36.

Today they are………well I did not change that much because It was not like I had a bunch of weight to lose or anything but I definitly feel more confident in my own skin.  My measurements now are……arms 1o, waist 25, thigh 19.5, booty 35 and I Weigh 115lbs which has not changed.

The things I struggled with in the begining but now feel like they are doable is the cardio workouts.  I hate cardio especially running! UGH but I like the cardio workouts they put in the book it spiced things up a bit and I can do them better now.


On day one I felt these emotions………lazy, upset, slacker, sluggish.

Today I feel….like a new girl! I feel happy and excited each day again!


In the spirit of love I have grown in these ways…… I feel like I am more loving and caring towards all.

Generosity…….I want to help and do things for people and I just want to give poeple gifts and hugs!

Joy…….. I am happier in general, I thing about making peoples days brighter and I try to make someones day each day!

Beauty……. I spend more time on myself, I do care what I look like inside and out and I want to make sure I am taking the best care of myself as I can!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Reward Yourself………..I got myself some new Lululemon leggings and a pair of stance socks and All natural Beauty Counter products that I have been wanting for a really long time! I also had a ton of Chips and Salsa with dinner because it is my guilty pleasure and I earned it! Both Corbin and I love chips and salsa and can go through a ton in one sitting we have to watch ourselves!

I guess I am most proud of myself because I told myself I would do this 28 day program and blog about it and I did it! I accomplished just that! That alone has motivated me to continue to blog and become a health coach online!

Fab Food of the Day!: Garlic………………Add this stuff to your food to add some flavor! I love love love garlic on and in just about anything!

YEW! Tomorrow is the last day!


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