November Monthly 5 Favorites


Happy December everyone!! Only the greatest time of the year! I love love love this time of the year! It is so cheerful and happy and giving people gifts warms my heart because I try to give very unique well thought gifts and I enjoy seeing people oooo and ahhh over their gifts.   I have a huge problem with self control when it comes to shopping for gifts for people.

With that being said, if your new here.. welcome to my monthly favorites post I just started writing it but I can’t wait to keep it up! Here’s what happens or what you will read…At the end of each month, I take an inventory of my favorite things I stumbled upon that month and share them with you all! It is open to anything and all things – no exceptions!

If you end up taking my advice (which come on, why wouldn’t you?!) and purchasing or using any of the items below – TAG ME in them! I want to see you out there crushing life and being a bad ass beauty that you are.


  1. Barrington Savannah Zippered Tote.   This is actually my second tote bag from Barrington Gifts.  I loved my first one so much that I had to buy another bag in another print! My first one was the larger size but basically the same tote and I got a palm print which was perfect for summer.  This  print the Axis Deer is amazing! It looks like real deer hide and I get so many compliments on it.   This bag fits my Mac book and everything else I carry around with me.  It is the perfect bag for fall and winter transition! Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 1.30.55 PM.png
  2. Billie Razor. I was super skeptical to do a subscription for a razor. I never used anything fancy before and found that mens razors worked better than women’s. WOW was I so blown away at how amazing this razor is! There is this super smooth charcoal soap around the edges and it makes your skin ohhhh so soft after shaving and I don’t think my legs have ever been that smooth after shaving and I am not a very hairy person but still!!!! I was so happy with this purchase! Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 1.19.57 PM.png
  3. Dior Mascara Primer. Okay I never really thought there was much to priming my eyelashes. I always thought it was the makeup companies trying to get you to buy another useless product. Boy was I totally wrong! This stuff makes your lashes so much longer and fuller with just a couple swipes. Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 1.18.12 PM.png
  4. Wilderdog Harness.  I must admit that my dog Lulu is a very spoiled dog. I treat her like my child and I always want the best for her. Wilderdog is an awesome company and I buy stuff from them all the time. They have a program called ‘Purchase for a Pound’ to be able to help out the amazing people running (often under-funded) rescues and shelters. The program is simple – they donate one pound of dog food for every purchase made on Each month they choose a different rescue or shelter to receive the donation. This allows them to free up funds for medical needs, supplies, or even to save a life. Wilderdog rope leashes and collars are made and assembled in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  I love everything I have bought for Lulu from them and they really are made to last. This new harness fits her great and is made for comfort, not to mention it is such a pretty color!Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 7.02.46 PM.png
  5. Elizabeth Wilson Designs Betsy Dress. Dalmatian corduroy+ poms poms + ruffles? I think YES! This dress is perfect for the holiday season, but can definitely be worn throughout the entire fall/winter season. I am big on buying things that are handmade and made in the USA. I love supporting small businesses and I am a fanatic for anything unique and not just something I can buy anywhere. I am also a fan of bold prints and colors.                                                                                                                                Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 7.07.18 PM.png

That’s all for now!  Thanks for letting me share a few of my favorite things I got last month!

Until Next Time,

Shayla Mellette

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