MARCH Favorites

Spring Time is here! I love March for several reasons, but the main one being is that it is the month that Corbin and I got married. I get to celebrate that joyful day each and every year and look back at that special day as well as all the special years we have had, and the years we have to look forward to. This year was 3 years married! I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast and I am looking forward to many more years to come. This post if going to be a little shorter because I didn’t really do anything this month but, that’s okay because you are mostly just here to read about my favorites.

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FEBRUARY Favorites

The month of February flew by in a whirlwind and I am glad that it is over. I lost my grandma and it was and still is a lot to handle. I know that my heart will take a long time to heal from grief and sadness but I have my family and that helps me so much! I am very thankful that we were able to hold a service for her as I know so many people during this crazy year have not been able to have any sort of closure whatsoever. I feel fortunate enough to have had the small gathering that we did. It brought some of my family together who I haven’t seen in 15 years! We were able to celebrate her life and be at peace laying her to rest.

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JANUARY 2021 Favorites

The month of January is just Eh. I am not a huge fan. It’s like everyone tries to reinvent themselves or start fresh. But what is wrong with any day or any time? Why do people wait until a new year to start something new or start exercising or start eating better when you have a whole year you could be doing that? It’s a waste of time if you ask me. I’m a firm believer of just being YOU 100% of the time no matter what day or month it is and forget all the new year new you crap. How about just BE YOU! okay enough of my personal trainer brain ranting on and on.

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DECEMBER Favorites

As the year 2020 came to and end and we embark on a whole new year, we must all try to find the little things that bring us joy in life. One of those things for me is shopping! OOPS Corbin you didn’t read that 🙂 With 2020 being such a boring year, I made it my goal to try and have more fun this year even if things are still shut down and restricted. I am bound and determined to do more activities than last year because we didn’t do a whole lot and we are so used to going and doing so much that it was really a bummer. We just aren’t used to sitting and veggin’ out on the tv and it was so hard to do nothing. We love to go and explore new places to eat and to see and do ALL the things. I plan on crafting/stitching more, filming more workouts, shopping more (of course), and biking and camping more.

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NOVEMBER Favorites!

Ah its Holiday Season, and the winter weather is here. I am not too happy about the cold weather but I do love the holidays and everything about them. This year I feel like the holidays are going to feel a little more precious. We are so thankful and grateful for all the many blessings that are in our lives. We are also so fortunate to be able to celebrate with our loved ones.

Even though its going to be freezing until like May next year, miss Lulu has been loving this cold weather and really enjoying our freezing walks in the snow. The Hubby and I have been enjoying cozy evenings in by the beautiful Christmas tree with a nice hot cup of tea. The month of November was a nice way to ease into winter with a few beautiful days in the 60s. I wish I was one of those snowbirds that comes to CO in the Summer and leaves during the winter. I just don’t handle the cold like I used to and typically end up with hand warmers and wool socks on every single day. I used to be the type to snowboard every weekend which, don’t get me wrong I still love to do that but man I’ve turned into a big ol whimp when I get cold.

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OCTOBER Favorites

Ahhhhh October! My FAVORITE month of the year because its my birthday month! I am one of those people who loves to celebrate their bday all month long, It’s a great excuse to shop for things you want 😉 You can always pull the hey it’s my birthday card.

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Hello, Hello again! I promise I did not forget this months favorites post. I am sure there are some of you who have been waiting patiently for this to be done. So thank you for hanging tight while I get my sh*t together haha. It seems like there is always something going on and nothing to do all at the same time, which makes no sense but hey 2020 has been a weird year.

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AUGUST Favorites

Well folks this week it went from 95 degrees to 32 degrees overnight and snowed over 4 inches! WTH! I am soooo not ready for that kind of weather. I am slightly terrified for this upcoming winter since I haven’t had a real Colorado winter in 2 years.

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JULY Favorites!

And just like that July is over and we are well on our way into fall! Since its the last real month of summer it looks like we will just have to make this month the best one yet! I hope you all have been making the most out of your summers!

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JUNE Favorites

HAPPY JULY!!!!!!! Oh man it has been such a different summer than last June when we were in TX with the humidity.  I must say that I do miss the humid air every once in a while. Other than the fact that it always feels so heavy and almost suffocating when trying to take a deep breath its not too terrible. However, I am a little scared for this frigid winter air that I know is coming soon.   I do not do well in the cold so we will see how much of a baby I have become.   Continue reading