MARCH 2023 Favorites

Hi Friends! This spring is just flying by and I really need a vacation like pronto! Trying to get my husband to take time off is like trying to pull teeth on a rabid coon. I wanted to pop on here to share a few goodies I have been loving lately and as always I hope you enjoy.

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February Favorites 2023

Guys they are here! The February favorites round up! Hope you all enjoy!

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January 2023 Favorites!

Happy New Year Friends!

I wont blab on and on like I usually do but I did want to get these out to you before the end of the month. Here are the top contenders for my monthly favs for January. Enjoy!

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SEPTEMBER 2022 Favorites

This months favorites are a little bit of everything. I hope you find my rambling on about randomness enjoyable.

As the leaves start turning and the weather starts to get cooler we tend to reach for our comfy cozy clothes and want to snuggle up on the couch by 7pm. I love sitting down with my favorite cup of lavender tea with honey and a needlepoint project while we watch a movie or TV show. Which is usually short lived since my husband falls asleep in 2 seconds the minute he sits down. I think it took us 4 nights, yes 4, to finish Hocus Pocus and he still probably napped through the times he looked awake! What a goober.

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AUGUST 2022 Favorites

This month we had the honor of going to a very sweet, small and very intimate wedding up in one of our favorite places Steamboat Springs CO! A good friend of ours had such a special day out in the middle of no where in some aspen trees and it was so beautiful! Dinner was fabulous and it you ever get to eat at Aurum in Steamboat I highly recommend it!

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JUNE 2022 Favorites

Its that time of the month again for my top five favorites! Check them out here!

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February 2022 Favorites


Yes, I know the fox fur coat is a lot to handle but IDGAF what people think and I love it and thats really all that matters plus it is super warm and toasty.

Hearts, flowers, with pink and red everything! True story but we never go out for a fancy date on valentines nor do we even cook a candlelit dinner at home. No joke we actually go to Qdoba and get BOGO burrito bowls 😂 it’s been a tradition since college days years ago and now we can’t break the tradition. Instead we opt for fancy dinner dates to be spontaneous and fun rather than pre planned and super busy. It’s actually way more enjoyable that way too.

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JULY 2021 Favorites

To say that July was busy would be a HUGE understatement. The Month of July had to have been one of the busiest months I’ve had in a very very long time. It was filled with so many trips and memories made and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I will try and keep the stories as condensed and short & sweet as possible for your sake, because there is just too many details to go over.

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MARCH Favorites

Spring Time is here! I love March for several reasons, but the main one being is that it is the month that Corbin and I got married. I get to celebrate that joyful day each and every year and look back at that special day as well as all the special years we have had, and the years we have to look forward to. This year was 3 years married! I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast and I am looking forward to many more years to come. This post if going to be a little shorter because I didn’t really do anything this month but, that’s okay because you are mostly just here to read about my favorites.

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OCTOBER Favorites

Ahhhhh October! My FAVORITE month of the year because its my birthday month! I am one of those people who loves to celebrate their bday all month long, It’s a great excuse to shop for things you want 😉 You can always pull the hey it’s my birthday card.

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