Gym Bag Beauty Essentials for the Buff Babe on the Go

A general basic tip I like to preach to my clients is to always be prepared for the day. Since we mostly tend to go to the gym either to/from work, or even on our lunch breaks we don’t want to carry our whole damn vanity and closet with us. Just enough in case we need a quick shower, or to glam up before leaving the gym. Which is why I have rounded up some of my current essentials to help you do just that.

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Setting yourself up for Success in the new year!


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Many people start their year off saying “new year, new me” but why does it have to be just for a year? Why can’t it be ongoing and for life?   Too many people view diet and exercise as a punishment or a form of becoming a better person. When really it should be treated as a lifestyle change that you continue with forever.  Most people have such a hard time sticking to an exercise program that by the time Feburary and March roll around they have stopped all together.   This year it is time to break that cycle and push past the excuses and just get moving.  Continue reading

10 Fabulous Fur Baby Christmas Gift’s – Round Up

Alright before you give me a bunch a crap for making a gift round up for pets let me just tell you that our dog Lulu is like our child and I spoil her rotten.  You can judge and laugh at me all you want, but I treat her as if she is part of our family.  She has made our life so much brighter with all her tail waggin’ happy dance’s, and lots and lots of kisses! She is always one of the best parts of my day and I love giving her the best doggie life that she could possibly have! And dont go thinking I am the only crazy human being that does this because I know I’m not. Continue reading

Our Magical Mountain Proposal Story


Whenever you first meet a couple I feel like the first few questions that get asked are how did you meet and how did he propose?  I could be wrong but I feel like thats a pretty frequent question in my life.  I actually really love to tell both stories because they are my favorite stories to tell!   My husband Corbin is such a sweet and wonderful man for supporting me in all my crazy endevours and without him I would not be who I am today. I want to apologize in advance because this is a lonnnnggggg story but its a good one soooo hang on tight and stick with me till the end because I may be bias but I think it is such a sweet and special story. Continue reading

My Kitchen from the 80s

Back in the day I think that my kitchen must have been pretty badass with the double oven and the trash compactor but now all I want to do is rip it all out and have a clean fresh kitchen but sadly…. its a rental.  Our kitchen for a one bedrooms apartment is actually a full size kitchen. Which I’m thankful for because I love to cook and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Plus after getting married I needed a place to put all of our nice new wedding gifts.  No more Walmart and dollar store college special! Hello adult married life. Continue reading

Palm Beach Chic on a Budget

Hello again you beautiful people! I promised I would write about my living and dining area and here it is.  This space was such a difficult area to work with because it is a tiny rectangle of a room and its not very big at all. Like I’m talking itty bitty.  It doesn’t help that my husband thinks its a great idea to keep our mountain bikes in the room too.  He doesn’t trust leaving them anywhere else.   Continue reading

Pink and Green Errthang!



I have recently come to love love love decorating and color!    What the heck is with everyone decorating with all these drab neutral colors. Like its so blah and no life in it at all.  I won’t lie to you and say I didn’t jump on that band wagon a few years ago but I found a new love for bright and happy colors!  bright pinks and kelly green, lime and orange oooooh and bold black and white! Huzzahhhh!  Color makes the heart happy! Continue reading

Moving Across the Country

First of all who the heck in their right mind moves across the country 5 months after they get married? I mean come on they say the first year is hard but lets just see how hard we can make it….am I right?

My husband Corbin and I got this wild hair one day and decided lets just pack up all our stuff and go.  When else in our lives are we going to be able to be so flexible and do something so spontaneous.  So that is just what we did.  We packed a moving truck up and drove 16 hours to San Antonio Texas.  In the dead heat of the summer………who does that?!?!?! 100 plus degrees and tons of humidity.  Everyone thinks we are crazy and maybe we are a little but who cares. Continue reading





Back to life back to reality ………….Wow it has been quite some time since I have written anything on here and I apologize. Life just happens sometimes.  Since My last post I have traveled the country, gotten married, and right now about to make some huge life changing decisions.  I got certified as a personal trainer and I have done so much over the past two years I don’t even know where to begin.   I guess I will try and go back to a few things but for now I will start with getting MARRIED.  Thats right you heard me, the girl who said she would never get married, got married.  I love my hubs more than anything and I would not have it any other way.      I will get to posting our engagement and our wedding here soon but for now I wanted to let you all know that Im back and ready for action! Continue reading

Sunday Day 28: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous Final Day!

Well the time has finally come! It is here! I have done it! YEW YEW! I am so proud of myself for sticking to it and getting it done! I have grown and learned so much from this program! Cant wait to do it again soon!

Todays word of the day: Unstoppable

Todays Mantra: There is NOTHING I can’t do!

Morning Bootycall: Well today I switched it up and actually went paddle boarding with my girl today! It was soon much fun!


BE FIT Challenge: Rock it like you mean it!………….Instead of this cardio session I went on a 10 mile mountain bike ride and absolutely rocked it! We did blue sky trail and had a great time! Riding my mountain bike is more my style of cardio.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Make your plan…….. well since I have a membership to 24 I am going to the gym all the time which is great! My next goals for my body is to reduce cellulite appearance and lean out my rear end and thighs some more. I think continuing with cardio will help. I also plan on going to quite a few classes with my girl Rachael at 24 because she got a membership too!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Favorite Be Fabulous Challenges……. I think the be fabulous challenges were some of my favorite for this program.  Every single one of the Challenges was fun and pampering in some way, which to be honest I really needed badly.  I learned to take more time for myself and make sure I am doing everything in my power to be the best me possible!

I am soon extremely happy that I completed this program. I am a better person for doing it and I fell in love with the way K+K do their programs! I can’t wait to start another one! YaY for me! 🙂

Cheers but not for long! I have lots in store for you guys!