How to beat finals week before IT beats YOU!

It’s that dreaded time of the year again. Finals Week……

The time of the year where everyone drinks ungodly amounts of coffee and energy drinks with endless pizza.

Say no more to the unhealthy habits, and get ahead of the game with some of these delicious and affordable snacks 🙂

1. Popcorn.  forget the movie theater butter and add just a dash of sea salt and a tiny amount of melted coconut oil!

2. Veggies: carrots, bell peppers, snap peas etc. keep these finger foods chopped, prepped and ready to eat!

3. Salted Cucumber Slices: for something crunchy.

4. Almonds: great source of protein and fiber

5. Sunflower seeds: shelled or not this will keep your mouth busy for a while

6. Hummus:  pair this up with your prepped veggies

7. Greek Yogurt: try to get plain and add fruit or stevia to sweeten it up a little bit.

8. String Cheese : its just fun to eat!

9. Broccoli: these florets help with memory function

10.Grapfruits: sprinkle the top with some stevia or agave!

11.DARK chocolate: all those antioxidants

12. Dried apricots: gives the illusion of fruit snacks

13. Strawberries: maybe even dip these with dark chocolate…….. wink wink

14.Orange slices: don’t forget to eat your Vit C you don’t want to catch a cold

15. Water: stay hydrated without all those calories

16. Rice Cakes: dress those bad boys up with all natural peanut butter

17. Apples: Sliced up with some almond butter makes a special treat

18. Sugar Free Jello: not very healthy but curbs the sweet tooth

19. Oatmeal: This will keep you full for a long time

20. Tea: green and black have many healthy benefits

I want to wish you all good luck on finals! Break a leg on those papers and tests. Go home and eat your favorite treats, make holiday dinner and be with your friends and family


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