Holiday Helpful Eating Tips

The whole trick to holiday eating, and in fact our new relationship with food, is to find foods in our new life that we love just as much as foods from our old life.

Instead of being sad about what you can’t eat, celebrate the delicious foods that you can eat; and keep looking at the tag on that new outfit to make you feel even better about the good choices you have made.

Plan, Plan, Plan: Plan workouts from now until after the New Year. Pencil them in your calendar, and keep the appointment!
Set out work-out clothes the night before to help make the commitment. Bring Entertainment to help stick to your work-out (magazines, music, etc.)

Keep a journal throughout the holidays to keep track of your food intake and weight-loss

RELAX! Plan on some relaxing time for yourself.
(Do yoga, talk with friends, take a walk, or meditate)

DANCE! Burn calories and enjoy the holiday music. Plus it keeps you away from being tempted by the food!

Stay Hydrated! Remember your 64oz of fluid, and keep a glass of water in your hand to keep you hydrated and unable to hold a plate of food!

Go Shopping: park far from the building and walk around the mall or shopping center for exercise and to buy presents.

Remember: Most of the foods at holiday parties are available year round. If you find a must-have item, take one or two bites and move on.

This time of year is about a lot more than eating!
Start food-free traditions in your family like ice-skating, caroling, reading holiday stories to your children or grand-children, or making holiday crafts.

Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach; don’t save up all day for one event! Stick to your regular schedule and remember, you don’t want to stretch your pouch! Also remember not to nibble and graze all night either!

Don’t let the hectic holiday schedule force you to eat fast-food. Plan your meals ahead of time so you won’t feel hungry when you are out and about.

Make mindful decisions about what to eat. Think how hard you have worked to lose weight; you don’t want to gain it back over the course of a month!

Listen to your body: Ask yourself if you are actually hungry or if you are eating because the food is there. Are you bored? Depressed? Stressed? Find a better way to cope.

Eat Slowly, and CHEW, CHEW, CHEW!
Use a small plate, and don’t fill it up all the way.

Dress for the occasion! It is much harder to overeat when you have a slim fitting dress or tight pants reminding you of your weigh-loss successes and how great you look and feel!

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