Valentine’s Day Girlfriend Gift Guide <3

Valentines day doesn’t have to be just for telling your spouse or boyfriend you love them.  It is is day where you can show all your loved ones just how special they are. Here is a great list of wonderful things to get that one girl in your life thats always got your back and you can count on for anything.


  1. Every girl loves new soaps and candles
  2. Flowers but lets step away from traditional red and pink roses to maybe Lily’s or Iris or something really unique.
  3. UMM …..HELLO, DUH!! Chocolate of course! but splurge and get the good kind not the cheap nasty stuff.
  4. Fitness apparel because you can never have too many gym outfits!
  5. Pretty pink OPI nail polish or maybe a new pink Lippy.
  6. Truffles because YUM!
  7. Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks!? Am I right!
  8. A new book
  9. A pretty homemade card
  10. Message Oil
  11. Romcom DVD
  12. New Journal/ stationary and a pretty pen
  13. Framed Picture of you two
  14. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  15. A Nice bottle of bubbly
  16. Massage certificate
  17. Mani pedi Combo
  18. Lunch date coupon for two on you!

Here is a couple photos of my ride or die girlfriend Rachael, I have known her since we were in 6th grade! I love her so much! We have been through it all together, and I don’t know where I would be without her.


HAPPY Valentines Ya’ll! I hope you all enjoy some chocolate!


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