What to get the man who has everything he needs and wants nothing?!

Have you ever had a time when you’ve been so stumped on what to get for your special someone?   This happens more often than not for me because he never really wants anything.  That is nice and all that he isn’t materialistic, but I am the type of person that likes to give (and receive LOL JK but mostly give 🙂 ) gifts.  It is a way that I show affection for that person.

Here are a few thing that might spark an idea for the tricky man in your life.  Ive already exhausted most if not all these ideas so I have to come up with new ones for him. But I hope this helps you out a little.

Stocking Stuffers: 

Lighters or even better a personalized lighter, Jerky , Nuts ,small, flashlight, wallet, candy, giftcard to their fav lunch joint, Fitness tracker , whiskey stones, flask, Mini Liquor bottles, A new water bottle, socks, undies, playing cards, shaving cream, razors, beard oil, lotion, body wash, nice pens for work, a book, homemade coupon book, poopourii hahaha that one always get a good laugh.  Oh I could go on and on but you catch my drift.

Gift Ideas:

My man is very outdoorsy and manly and I am usually pretty good about getting him what he wants or likes but this year I am having a tough time.

Usually I go for …..

Tools, camping gear, hiking gear, hunting gear, outdoor clothes, snowboarding gear, gopro accessories, electronics, something for his jeep.  But holy cow I am running out of ideas because he just buys his own things now and doesn’t ever tell me what he wants.  SOOOOOOOOO this year I came up with a pretty good idea that I think he is going to love.

I got him a gym bag because he doesn’t have one and I filled it with all sorts of goodies.

I added workout clothes, like a good three pair of shirts and shorts and socks plus a new pair of compression shorts. I also got him new gym shoes! He is going to love those.  Then I added a new key lanyard because his other one is gross.   I put in some BCAA’s, Preworkout, Protein, and Creatine, As well as a new blender bottle.   I also got him this sweet Oakley man travel toiletries case that I filled with everything he would need at the gym!   I really hope he likes what I got him because I worked really hard putting it all together.   I personally would love it if someone did that for me!!!!!!   I am the gym junkie in the household and I am trying to slowly convert him to my ways lol.


Hopefully all you lovely BuffBabes out there try something like this for your man this year.   It helps to have your PIC come with you and push you at the gym!

Cheers for now!

Next up,  is ways to beat the holiday goodies!

-BuffBabe Shayla





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