28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!- My Personal Tone It Up Experiment

HEY HEY HEY long time no writey! (HA I know thats not a real word I just like it) Okay so here’s the deal I have been in Alaska for a large majority of the summer.  I have loved every minute of the hiking and working outdoors and being active outside.  If you know me personally I am usually in the gym or doing some sort of physical activity that keeps me in shape.  Well the truth is I haven’t touched the gym since I graduated.  Yikes I know! BUT I did invest in a very nice Specialized mountain bike (which I LOVE) that I rode like crazy all summer, as well as camping and tons of hiking, and some paddle boarding.

With that being said I wanted to just jumpstart my fall with a fun little challenge for myself.  I bought this book a while ago and I only opened it a few times just because I was in school and had enough reading on my plate.  However, I do follow Karena and Katrina on FB and Insta and their blog and I enjoy reading all there newsletters as well.   I thought that it would be fun to blog about each day just to see how it goes.   I am not out of shape nor do I eat unhealthy quite on the contrary, I eat primarily paleo most of the time and I indulge on something special every once and while.   I graduated with a BS in Health and Exercise Science and I am very capable of creating my own workouts with nutrition but I really love the community that K+K have created and I want to become a part of something bigger than myself.

So here it goes MONDAY : 9/19/16 DAY ONE!!!!!

I had a lot of fun reading the intro and testing my knowledge of what I already know and learning new little tidbits. I am ready to be FIT, FIERCE and FABULOUS!

The word for the day:  Confident –    I am confident I can do this!

Mondays Mantra: I am strong. I am beautiful. I am capable.

My morning BOOTY CALL……… 30 min 2 mile long walk with my pup!

My Monday BE FIT Fitness Challenge : Full body toning- sweet and spicy strength training

This was a fun full body workout that I actually enjoyed and really broke a sweat it took me about 35 minutes and thats mostly because my pup wanted to play.  I did 3 sets of 12-14 reps for each move and I used an 8lb dumbell for the moves that required weights. I need to get a few more weights for my selection at home because that is too light for some of those moves.  I had a little bit of a hard time with the bent over rear flys because my shoulders are kinda messed up from crossfit and volleyball.  So I made sure to lower the reps to 10.

FAB Food of the Day! – Goji Berries ……….. Well I went to Sprouts and got me some of these so called Goji Berries as they are a sweet little power packed superfood! The bag I bought cost me about 16$ and will last quite a while.  I thought they tasted pretty good! I’ve never had them before and I will definitely be eating more of these  little guys.

My Monday BE FIERCE Challenge: Commit and Conquer……………….(record three super specific goals to accomplish today)

Goal #1  Make and prep protein waffles, banana chips, elk barbacoa, salsa, and prep veggies.

Goal #2 Start blogging about my Fit Fierce and Fabulous journey.

Goal #3 I will organize my kitchen tupperware a little better and clean up the house.

Thankfully I finished all three of my daily goals which was awesome I made a bunch of food and snacks and I had a nice healthy paleo dinner of Elk Barbacoa on some lettuce with veggies and homemade salsa for the dressing.

My Monday BE FABULOUS Challenge: Make an “Im Amazing!” list…… here goes nothing.

I love my blonde hair, and my green eyes.  I am a very kind and thoughtful person. I like to think of myself as smart, funny, silly, loyal, loving, hard-working, diligent, persistent, responsible and many other good qualities.  I try my best to be the best big sister to all my younger siblings by setting good examples for them.  I go out of my way to help my family when they don’t even know they need me. I think I am great at doing make up and I really love refinishing furniture it is something I a good at and enjoy! I like to think of myself as a good paleo chef and I love experimenting new flavors and foods.  I think I am pretty handy for a girl and I like to say I can fix most things.  I am overly aware of my health and I do my best to take good care of me and my boyfriend with good foods and staying active. I love my dog and do everything possible to spoil her rotten, I am good at all sorts of things.  I am amazing at being personable and being able to talk to just about anyone.  One special trait I have is the ability to make any situation a positive one even when it may not be an ideal situation. I am a strong and dedicated person …….. Well I could keep going but I don’t want to talk about how AWESOME I am forever hahahahaha.

To tell you the truth day one was pretty good! I completed all the challenges and I am ready for day two!    I am ready to be FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS!      YAY for TONE IT UP And all the tone it up girls out there!  Lets connect and workout! I am always ready to meet new girls who share the same goals and lifestyle as me 🙂     Anyway, Goodnight and I will talk to you all tomorrow!

P.S. DAY one photos will be posted on day 28 for a compare and contrast.

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