Wednesday Day 10: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous

Anddddddddd… the search continues,  I went into the country club today to fill out some paper work, the manager had contacted me and asked me to come in! Heres to my fingers crossed!


Word of the Day: Creative

Todays Mantra: I am an awe-inspiring ARTIST!

Morning Booty Call: 1.5 mile fast paced walk with little Lulu

BE FIT Challenge: HIIT: Shred and Shine.………………I love fast paced HIIT workouts! This one was lots of fun and incorporated every muscle of the body! Completed two rounds of the circuit in 26 minutes and 30 seconds.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Awaken you inner artist……… this one I do not have a problem doing! I an miss crafty artsy fartsy woman! I love all things arts and crafts.   Today I worked on my never ending scrapbook! I am working on photos from Alaska right now and it is so much fun being creative and coming up with cool designs for each page I make! Another one of my hobbies that I really enjoy is refinishing furniture and selling it, orrrrrr in some cases I end up loving it too much and end up keeping it.  Either way I end up with awesome real furniture and sometimes some extra cash in my pocket!  Win Win for me!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Have some fun with your closet…………………. create 5 new looks accessories and all by digging through your closet.       I am going to have to do this one in the morning, I was cooking and grocery shopping and cleaning my mountain bike today and I didn’t have time to.  I will show pictures of the outfits I chose tomorrow!

Fab food of the day!: Pomegranates…………… good for the heart, skin, and immune system. Pomegranates are associated with fertility and new beginnings.  You can add these seeds to your salad, greek yogurt, or a smoothie and even enjoy them on their own!



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