Thursday Day 11: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Corbins parents are coming to town tomorrow and I have been cleaning and scrubbing away like a mad woman!  They house is now sparkling and I don’t want cook or touch anything haha but thats not possible so I am going to have to make something simple.  I also went to 24 hr fitness today for the first time and I did a leg day instead of the Magical mermaid moves that  I was supposed to do today.

Word of the Day: Empowered

Todays mantra: Taking care of myself matters, both for me and for others. 

Morning Booty Call:  A nice long walk with Lulu the little wolf.

BE FIT Challenge: Full Body Toning: Magical Mermaid Moves……………today instead I did a full body and leg day at 24 hour fitness and ended up getting a membership because I was in desperate need of a gym that I could go to.  I may end up doing one set of each move just to say I did the moves today ! That might sound silly but even though I got a good workout in I still want to make sure I am keeping up with the program!


BE FIERCE Challenge: Put YOU First…………………… your nonnegotiable list for putting yourself first. This is a daily checklist of the things you absolutely should not neglect each day.

Shayla’s Daily Nonnegotiable’s

  • Getting a workout or some sort of physical activity every day is really important to me, it helps me feel my best and keeps me happy. 
  • Eating healthy meals and preparing healthy meals for myself each day 
  • A good hearty breakfast! I think Id pass out if I didn’t get my breakfast each morning.  
  • Time to read each day. Whether that a romance novel or something educational, I love reading and try to get it in every single day. 
  • Morning Tea! No coffee for me….. ick! 
  • Quality time with my man and my dog.  
  • Freshly made bed and clean house each day

Honestly I could keep going, I have a lot of things that I like to get done every single day.  These are some of the main things that keep me feeling centered and empowered each and every day.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Pack a Lip- Smacking Punch……………Today I sported my Urban Decay Sheer Lipstick in the shade F-Bomb. Its a subtle red but does the job! I even did my makeup all natural rose hued nude shades which really made my eyes and lips POP!  Lulu is sleeping on my lap at the moment and I woke her up for her selfie wit me haha.

Photo on 9-29-16 at 6.04 PM #2.jpg

Fab Food of the Day: Leafy Greens…………… From kale to arugula, leafy greens are nutrient power bombs! They alkalize your body, cleanse your digestive system, and fuel workouts!  Nourish your body everyday with dark leafy greens and watch it transform!



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