Monday Day 15: Fit, Fierce, And Fabulous!

Happy Monday y’all!

Wow I was sleepy this morning after a couple of late nights on the weekend I am beat! The Premier and birthday shenanigans were totally worth it though! I am such a lucky girl!

Todays word of the day: Present 

Todays Mantra: Today I am awake and aware, moment by moment.

Okay so here are my measurements: Arms- 10inches, Waist-25inches, Thigh-20 inches,Booty-35 inches.  I am a little bloated and am holding a lot of water weight because of all the goodies I had for my birthday this weekend.  Yikes I am back on track today! Week three here I come!

Morning Bootycall: One mile brisk walk with Lulu.

BE FIT Challenge: Bombshell Bonanza, I am headed to 24 hour fitness soon to get some cardio in and then I am coming home to do this!

BE FIERCE Challenge: Live in the moment………….take in whats going on all around you and enjoy the little things. Stay in the right here right now and not thinking about the past.   I will enjoy today for what it is.  I am going to workout, cook a healthy meal, and work on getting a job.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Do a new ‘Do!………….thats right change up your hairstyle just for today!……………I think I will try a fishtail braid on the side. I usually have really straight hair without even trying but my hair is also very long like almost past my butt sooooo I will give it a go!

Fab food of the day: Miso…………Okay so since I am paleo I typically stay away from soybeans and all types of products made from beans.  I try to get good enzymes through supplementation and probiotics for healthy digestion and good gut flora.  I may try it someday but not today.

On another note, my sister is a graphic designer and I have asked her to design me a logo for my blog.  Here are just a few she has come up with.  Let me know what you think in the comment box so I can choose a good logo!  Buff Babes Logo Option 3.png


Buff Babes Logo Option 1.png



Buff Babes Logo Option 2.png

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