Sunday Day 14: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Okay I am almost caught up!


Todays word of the day: Calm

Todays Mantra: I am at peace.

Morning bootycall: I slept in and enjoyed family before they left.

BE FIT Challenge: Active Rest DAY!!!…………… I actually ended up doing Saturdays Shred and Shine because I missed it so I made Saturday my active rest day and did the workout on Sunday instead.

BE FIERCE Challenge:  Do NOTHING!…………I relaxed all day and I slept in until 8. I then built a little dog door for lulu in the window downstairs .  I call her the window dog!  I also went to the global premier of The Fourth Phase which is a Travis Rice snowboarding movie.  We got free tickets to see it at the drive in movie theatre and it was a nice relaxing evening in the fluffy blanket and pillow nest we made in the back of the jeep!

  • My favorite way to relax is to sleep in and cuddle all morning, then I like to read with a cup of tea.   In the summer I love laying on the porch with ice tea, a book and some coconut oil to help soak up those rays! Winter time I love to binge watch netflix shows with the man and some popcorn.  We don’t do it often because we are usually snowboarding or something outside but we love to snuggle and enjoy some snacks!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Take a Nighttime Tech Detox..………… put down your phone, close the computer, etc.  Well that was kind of hard to do because we went to the premier but other than that me and Corbin are pretty good about not having technology on 24/7 we don’t have tv all we have are phones and computers which we are not on that much.   We take pride in the fact that we do not rely on tech to keep us entertained.

Fab food of the day: Walnuts………. extremely good for you, walnuts contain omega 3s which has anti-inflammatory properties, Walnuts also have been known to help the body respond well to stress.

Magical Monday here I come!



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