Wednesday Day 17: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Hey girls, and guys if there are any men reading this.

Today I had an interview at the country club here in Fort Collins.  I think it went well so we will see what happens! I should know by monday they said!

Todays word of the day: Accepting

Todays Mantra: I flow easily with everything that comes my way. 

Morning Bootycall: walk with my girl Lulu.  I had an evening bootycall today too I took her on another mile long walk/jog.

BE FIT Challenge: HIIT: Rev up and Rock out!………… yeah buddy this one made me sweat!

BE FIERCE Challenge: Be Where You Are………………..take the challenges as they come.   Resist the frustration or anger when something arises.   Find something that you can tell yourself that will help you accept what is happening. Like a Mantra! Here are a few of my favorite. below!

So something that happened to me today, Ive been talking about finding a job recently.  I keep getting phone calls……. Today was a gym in Greeley which is sorta a long commute but if it was full time I might consider it.  However she wanted me to come in for an interview for a position that was less than 20 hours a week! EEEKKKK! that was frustrating and hard telling someone thank you for calling and being interested in me but I am really looking for something full time and to make it worth my while to drive out there everyday it would have to be full time.  (DEEP BREATHS) I was a little upset because that is the third job that has contacted me and they either want me to work both days on the weekends which I am done doing that.  I did that all through high school and college. NO MORE WEEKEND JOBS! Anyway I have to keep telling myself these things below.

  • I will figure this out, I always do.
  • This is challenging, but Ive worked my way through bigger challenges than this.
  • Everything that happens is here to teach me something valuable that will make me stronger, wiser, deeper.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Make Peace with ALL Your Parts……………..Todays mission was to accept my gorgeous body with all its beautiful curves and features. So here it is ” I AM FABULOUS JUST THE WAY I AM!”  Thats right I am!       This is something you need to accept! Your so called flaws do not matter and if you cant change them, why worry about them?  Your imperfections are what make you unique and all that more interesting and BE-YOU-TIFUL!  YOU’RE and incomparable knockout, babe. Own it!

Here’s a little love from ME!

I have a confession.  I have cellulite.  Yes those icky dimply lumps and bumps on my rear end and back of my thighs.  I cant remember when I didnt have them actually.  This is something that a lot of women have, whether they’re in amazing shape or not.  I am always working towards an amazing booty and great legs but no matter how many deadlifts or squats and lunges I do. They still dont go away.  Does it help yes! But they are still there. I have learned to work with what I got. I use self tanners and I just recently started dry brushing which is supposed to really help!   No one is perfect and who is defining perfect anyway?!   I used to be really self consious about it because I was afraid of what people would think.  Like “she is in really good shape and yet she has a dimply bum.” Well now I just dont give a hoot! I love wearing my lululemon speed short shorts in the many colors that I own.  Adding a little bit of self acceptance goes a long way and sometimes its best to just say “SO WHAT?” So Flaunt your stuff, no matter what and take it from me, if someone is judging you thats there own darn problem! Wear those cute short shorts and put on that sexy bikini and rock it! You are healthy, and in shape and taking the best care of yourself. If anyone has anything to say about a lump on the back of your thigh then they just dont get it!

“Today is the youngest you’ll ever be and the oldest you’ve ever been. So right now is the time to wear a fricken’ bikini! In 20 years, you’ll look back and wish you’d done it, so why wait!”

Fab Food of the Day: Chia Seeds…………….These tiny little black seeds are high in omega 3s as well as fiber and other great stuff! They treat your intestines like an internal cleaning crew! Add them to smoothies to help thicken them and even a small amount is super filling.   I like to add them to oatmeal too!

Tips and Tricks:  Chia seeds tend to get stuck between your teeth so it would be best to check that gorgeous smile of yours before you go anywhere.


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