Thursday Day 18: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Happy throwback Thursday!  IMG_3822.JPGHere is a throwback photo from earlier this summer Hiking in Alaska on the Russian River. Such a fairytale land!

Todays Word of the Day: Forgiving

Todays Mantra: Letting go of grudges  sets me free.

Morning Bootycall: Long walk  with Lulu in the drizzle and chilly fall air!

BE FIT Challenge: Full body toning- Bombshell Bonanza…………….  I really liked this workout it was fun and quick! The circuits didn’t feel like a lifetime and the movements complimented each other.  I also went into 24 hour fitness today and I did 30 minutes on the stepmill.  I usually do a little longer but I had little Lulu with me in the car and I didnt want to leave her in there too long. I have been a member at 24 hour fitness for just about a week now and I am slowly feeling at home there.  I am used to cushy fancy health clubs so it is definitly taking some time to get used to.  Not that 24 isnt nice but it just doesnt quite feel like home yet.  I will get there eventually.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Call A Truce……………………….. I have released the old grudges I have held on for years! Oh gosh I have had some disagreements with old roommates, problems with friends and so on.  You get it, everyone has drama and anger and arguements sometimes.   Well today I decided that the people who I cant stand the most, I am just going to forgive them.  I could go on and on with horrible stories but I wont bore you with my life stories haha.  The secret to Forgiveness is to remember that we are all perfectly imperfect and we are all doing the best we can with the resources that we have.   I am filling my heart with love and releasing the judgement and negativity I am holding on to and I am moving on!  It may not mean that what happened was okay but keeping your heart open is healthy and will keep you happy.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Let It Slide………………………….. Dont sweat the little things. For example if your sweet heart leaves all his clothes on the floor pick them up and just put them in the laundry. No biggie right?!  Or does he leave his dishes everywhere? Well it doesnt hurt to just pick them up and put them in the dishwasher.  You probably do things that drive him crazy too.     All day today I just let everything go. The things that are annoying or irritating that usually just set me off, I just ignored them or let it slide.  More often than not I am too worried about everything, I get easily maddened, and I get fired up from being impatient.   This challenge was good for me because I learned to be a little more patient and not worry about every little thing being perfect or just the way I want it.

Fab Food Of the Day: Fennel…………………………..Well this is one funky flavor but just like today I am going to let it slide, I will make this brussels sprouts and fennel salad when I hit the store in a couple days. I have neve been a fan of fennel flavored things but I will try this!

Well thats all folks!  Talk to you tomorrow!


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