Tuesday Day 23: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Hey everyone! I got a job! well its a job until I find something that I really want at least. But hey its income! Woot!

Todays Word of The Day: Authentic

Todays Mantra: Today I will speak my mind.

Morning Bootycall: Morning walk with Lulu of course!

BE FIT Challenge: My Choice!…………… Woot I loved that! I went to 24 hour fitness and did 45 minutes on the stairmaster and then 4 sets of 10-12 reps of heavy deadlifts with a spine decompressing hang in between each set.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Just Say It………………..this is the time to let people know things with kindness and respect. Today the lady at Sprouts rang up one of my items too many times and I spoke up and told her about it.  I also walked up to the cleaning lady at the gym today and told her that she does a wonderful job at keeping the place so clean and tidy all the time, and that I really apprecaited all her hard work!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Go Au Naturel…………………..today I wore no makeup and I did not do my hair. I dont have a problem with not wearing makeup because I am just past that stage in my life where I feel like I always have to have it on.  I do love makeup dont get me wrong but I am not afraid to go out and have a normal day without any on either.  I am kind of a Tomboy so I could care less about what I look like sometimes.  Nor do I care what other people think of me either which is soooo extremely liberating!

Fab food of the day: Your Choice!…………………YAY! I picked cucumbers today and I made an amazing greek dish for dinner tonight!     I pulled out my Meals Made Simple Cookbook by Danielle Walker and I made her Greek Dressing, summer squash greek salad, and greek lamb burgers with taziki (yes I spelled it wrong) suace.  ALL FROM SCRATCH! We put the burgers on a bed of lettuce with a slice of onion and tomato and a large dollop of taziki sauce! YES, I know plain greek yogurt is not paleo but I do not have an issue with dairy I just typically stay away from dairy.  So once and a while having dairy for me is not an issue.  Plus plain greek dairy has no sugar in it so thats a plus!  Dinner was amazing by the way though! Picture posted below!


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