Wednesday Day 24: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Well first day at work was a success! yay! It felt good to be working and making some money.  Except I was worried about Lulu alllll freakin day long! I cant imagine how mothers feel when they have to leave their children all day.  Mine is just a dog and I was worried sick all day!   So I made up for it by taking her to the dog park for two hours right when I got home. She loves it because she has a little mini Aussie that she plays with and they are the perfect size!


Todays word of the day: Strong

Todays Mantra: I am mighty. I am strong. I am FIERCE!

Bootycall: Well my walk was a little short today because it was my first day at work be we got it in none the less and it was freezing and raining brrrrrrrr, Lulu loves the cold though!

BE FIT Challenge: Rock it like you mean it!………………….I did this one after dinner after work and after the dog park at around 8pm! No excuses people! get er done!

BE FIERCE Challenge: Take a Bad Habit Holiday……………….just for today tackle that bad habit and make and effort more than usual.   I made it a point to not bite my nails at work today even though I really wanted to.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Find your power symbol………………….I have a photo of Christmas Abbott and Dana Lynn Bailey who are two BAD ASS B***TCHES! They Motivate me daily when I am getting dressed each day!   I would love to have some empowering signs above my vanity.  I think I will go buy some canvas and make one this weekend.   I am in need of a doterra order here soon so I will order cedarwood,sage and ylang ylang to help fortify strength.  I am going to wear a scarf to work tomorrow that is purple because its my power color!    Everyday use something that inspires you to be the powerhouse that you are.    I am FIERCE!

“though she be but little she is fierce”   I love that mantra! I want it engraved on a mantra band!

Fab Food Of the Day: Quinoa……… I really enjoy hot quinoa with salmon or some chicken I think with a lot of grass fed butter it is amazing!  It is a complete protein and is rich in iron to keep those blood cells healthy and packed with magnesium.

Well thats all folks!



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