Moving Across the Country

First of all who the heck in their right mind moves across the country 5 months after they get married? I mean come on they say the first year is hard but lets just see how hard we can make it….am I right?

My husband Corbin and I got this wild hair one day and decided lets just pack up all our stuff and go.  When else in our lives are we going to be able to be so flexible and do something so spontaneous.  So that is just what we did.  We packed a moving truck up and drove 16 hours to San Antonio Texas.  In the dead heat of the summer………who does that?!?!?! 100 plus degrees and tons of humidity.  Everyone thinks we are crazy and maybe we are a little but who cares.

So the story begins with my brother in-law.  I had driven my vehicle down two weeks prior to land a job and a house to rent and I left my car there and flew home to pack up.   Well we pull into SA and my brother in-law is out of town with my car keys (which also had the keys to the apartment on them).   So we contact the land lord and she is so kind to put a key under our door mat for us. Well we get to our place and walk in, bring our dog Lulu in, set the keys down (with phones, wallets, purse etc.) and walk out to grab some stuff from the car.   BUT to my surprise I walk back to the door arms loaded with crap and the door wouldn’t open…..I turned to Corbin asking did you grab the keys babe?  UHHHH no why?    Well we are locked out.   Meanwhile, Lulu is freaking out in the house running around barking and scratching at the door.   Thats when panic mode hit and I mean we tried everything.  The stupid credit card trick and all.   NADA enchilada.  I knew that our landlord must surly have another key so we rang her doorbell and called her…. no response.  Finally, after trying a few times she came to the door and was so confused but had ONE last key for us.   Thankful we got in and all was good after that.  THANK GOD.    That is probably the last thing I wanted to deal with after driving 16 hours across country.  Not a good way to start the new experience, which immediately made me grumpy.

Once the truck was all unloaded and in the house.  I told my husband going into this that we were going to need a storage unit.  We were coming from a two bedroom house with lots of storage space and a garage to a one bed room apartment with virtually no space and no garage.   But being the stubborn man that he is, he thought he could fit it all into the space somehow some way.  So he carried everything up the stairs to our dinky apartment anyway.   Well that turned into a big fat NOPE!  After about a day of moving stuff around he realized that I was right an went and got a unit right away.  Meaning he had to take everything back down the stairs and load it back in the truck and then unload and reorganize it in the storage unit.   Men I tell ya, if they would just listen to us the first time, they would be much more efficient.   Once we filled up the storage unit our little apartment started coming together.   I’m not going to lie it is still really really tiny and I can not imagine how people live in those tiny house things…..400 square feet.  Like ummmm where do I put all my shoes?!?!

Finally, we are almost all unpacked and on our back porch we have a small little storage closet out back.  Well the previous tenants didn’t put the shelving into studs properly and they all fell down, making a mess.   Well being the handy man that my husband is he just put them back up but while trying to find a stud my husband drilled right into the main power source to our unit.  He is damn lucky he did not electrocute himself while doing so.   That was one big long weekend mess dealing with the electrician.   On top of that the dishwasher door panel fell off the first time I opened it.  The refrigerator door doesn’t close without putting your shoulder into it.  The toilet runs constantly, the doors don’t have seals on them and you can see through the cracks to the outside. AND thats not all, I have two huge bikes chillin out in my living room and one hanging on the wall.   UGH not the type of decor I envisioned before moving.

Thankfully the house is coming together nicely and I am slowly making it work.  I just keep reminding myself that it is just temporary and that we are going to be buying a house as soon as we can.   Thats the goal buy a house, buy another house and flip and repeat.    We will get there eventually, just going to take a lot of patience and hard work!

I have been having so much fun with the decorating and up-packing of all our new wedding gifts that we finally get to use! I decided to go with bright bold and southern coastal!  Like a southern Beverly Hills hotel look. Green, Pink, black and white with gold and lots of bamboo and rattan!!!! Oh and did someone say ginger jars YES PLEASE!  It has been a blast switching gears from farmhouse charm, shabby chic to this new look and I thoroughly enjoy the fun of decorating and organizing.   Now I just need to do the same with my closet.  Like complete total overhaul.  This country pumpkin in the city needs a wardrobe makeover!

I will be posting new photos of my place once I get everything all cleaned up and ready to shoot.   Ive got to figure out how to get these bikes outta my house haha.   Southern coastal charm photos will be posted soon!


Thanks for reading!



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