Pink and Green Errthang!



I have recently come to love love love decorating and color!    What the heck is with everyone decorating with all these drab neutral colors. Like its so blah and no life in it at all.  I won’t lie to you and say I didn’t jump on that band wagon a few years ago but I found a new love for bright and happy colors!  bright pinks and kelly green, lime and orange oooooh and bold black and white! Huzzahhhh!  Color makes the heart happy!

In my last post I promised I would post a few photos from the move and show you what mi casa looks like!  Did you like that ? I am trying to speak a little more Español since I am living down in southern Texas now.   Anyway,  here are a few sneak peak photos of the place!


Starting with the bedroom!!!!! IMG_4105.jpeg

Bare with me here while we work on it but this is the starting point of our room!  Bright hot pink pillows and a pop of black and white! I am still looking for a few more throw pillows because more is always a good idea… am I right?  The pillows are of course my fav all Kate Spade and I got them all on the clearance section of Home Goods.   OHHHHH  and I absolutely love this banana palm leaf quilt and white sheets!  Who doesn’t love white hemstitch sheets? Of course the sheets are also Kate Spade too! And its only fitting that since I am in Texas all I need now is a monogram on absolutely everything that doesn’t move or breathe hahahahaha 🙂

Now lets talk about those matching lamps! I got them from home goods and they were on clearance!!!!!! There was absolutely nothing wrong with them and they said that they just had them too long on inventory so I snatched those bad boys up for thirty bucks a piece!!! A PIECE!  I mean you guys these are $500+/ea Kate Spade Deco Dot lamps and they are large! Deco Dot Lamps  I was so stoked on this home goods find.  My husband on the other hand was mad that we had to pack the lamp shades because that meant extra boxes in the moving truck.

The princess dresser side board I got on craigslist and the mirror in it is the original beveled mirror.  If you know me you know I have a thing for old things and antiques.  I think they just add a lot of character to your home.  The other side board my husband made and I am not so in Love with it but I am searching for something better to put over there.

My Husbands Chest of Drawers is a vintage dovetail dresser that he decided we would paint lime green lacquer! I know it sounds like a sin but we can always strip it later and I actually love the lime green! I think that the lime green makes all the pink from the pillows really pop and it is such a cheerful color.


I have been learning so much about interior design and I have a lot to learn still but I love adding depth, height and extra elements that really bring the room together. On my sideboard I placed an old solid copper tray from our wedding sweetheart table.  Trays can add so much to a room if you know what to put on them.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals either. Copper, Silver, Gold, Brass.  Its okay to mix and match if you do it correctly. IMG_4179-1.JPG

Now as you can see I still am working on finding just the right pieces to add to my tray but here is what Ive come up with so far.

  • Crystals-  Amethyst (a very cleansing stone) with a vanilla scented candle.
  • Also, I am linking my absolute favorite candles here!   Olive & Pearl candles are handmade from coconut wax and the smells are to die for!   You can find them online or in the carefully curated home decor, gift and lifestyle boutique located in historic downtown Cody, Wyoming.  My sister used to live there and she got me my first candle! Now I am hooked.  The one shown here is Fraser Fir which is my favorite scent by far because it reminds me of being in the forest up in the mountains.   I have also learned a great trick for home decor is to always keep your candles the same color.  that way no matter what season they always match your decor!
  • A ring dish or catch all trinket dish is a nice touch for a tray.  This one I got from my bridal shower.  Link is here if you would like to find it Kate Spade Miss to Mrs Ring Dish
  • Matches!   Yes, matches are so cute to add to a bar cart or tray, especially if you have candles on them.  You can put them in a little silver dish or crystal bowl and collect them from fancy bars and hotels!  These matches I got from Olive & Pearl.
  • Its always good to stack books or magazines on trays and add a photo or whimsical piece on top. I am still looking for the right pieces to add.
  • Also, coasters are a must especially in TX. Everything sweats here like crazy and you don’t want sweat rings on the furniture.

I think the next room I will do is the living room/ dining area.  Stay tuned for another detailed post on all the deets!


-Thanks for reading



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