My Kitchen from the 80s

Back in the day I think that my kitchen must have been pretty badass with the double oven and the trash compactor but now all I want to do is rip it all out and have a clean fresh kitchen but sadly…. its a rental.  Our kitchen for a one bedrooms apartment is actually a full size kitchen. Which I’m thankful for because I love to cook and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Plus after getting married I needed a place to put all of our nice new wedding gifts.  No more Walmart and dollar store college special! Hello adult married life.

In our kitchen we filled it with turquoise and claret colored fiestaware dishes, MudPie serving dishes, Kate Spade turquoise with a little Copper here and there to really pop! My poor husband got the short end of the stick because I love turquoise and purple, soooo thats what the majority of our kitchen is with some copper and marble thrown in there too!  Pretty much everything was a gift from our loving family and friends which was so kind and generous of them to help us full our home with nice things.  Here is a little sneak peak at what our kitchen looks like!   I love this Kate Spade Tea Kettle it has the cutest little saying on the spout, “Whistle while you work”! I use this thing every single morning because I am a tea drinker.  I love my Earl Grey with a splash of heavy cream.  The subtle notes of bergamot and lavender in Earl Grey just tickle my fancy.


I love having a full sized kitchen because my last rental had one of the smallest kitchens ever and that was a challenge to work with because there was no counter space or cabinets other than 2! EEK! This kitchen was a major upgrade for me.


This Rattan Table and Chairs Set was another craigslist find for me! It is Navy which is hard to tell in the photos, and the pink and white striped cushions with the greek key pillows really make this pop! We did not have a lot of room for a big table so I chose this cute little guy and it works great! The adorable salt and pepper shakers are of Course did you guess it?!?! Kate Spade and I will link them here Pineapples Salt and Pepper Shakers


My Hutch was also a craigslist find it is solid wood and I love love love it! I need to update the handles on it. I am think ing gold or acrylic pulls.  Anyways I am still working on styling this bad boy but it looks great for now! and please ignore the bike tire in the background, my husband insists that we have all our bikes kept in the house.  I will link a few things here that you can see on the shelves if you are interested!

Deco Dot Wood Salad Bowl

Eat Cake For Breakfast Cake Stand

Pretty Pantry Pitcher

Sweet Nothings Pie Dish

Yours and Mine Crystal Ice Cream Bowls

Love You More Mugs

Cheese Board

Oval Copper Serving Tray


If you are curious as to what cookbooks I have on my shelf I have a lot! I love to collect them and its kind of a problem haha. Here is a list of some of my favorite cookbooks that I use all the time for food inspiration.

That just about wraps up most of my kitchen, there is a few more pops of turquoise, purple and copper with other Kate spade pieces because lets face it I’m OBSESSED!!!  I would love to share my bar with you next because thats the fun part about decor, you can be so creative and make it however you want.  Plus during the holidays you can add so many fun little pieces that add that holiday spirit!

Have an amazing Thursday!


Xoxoxox -Shayla

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