Our Magical Mountain Proposal Story


Whenever you first meet a couple I feel like the first few questions that get asked are how did you meet and how did he propose?  I could be wrong but I feel like thats a pretty frequent question in my life.  I actually really love to tell both stories because they are my favorite stories to tell!   My husband Corbin is such a sweet and wonderful man for supporting me in all my crazy endevours and without him I would not be who I am today. I want to apologize in advance because this is a lonnnnggggg story but its a good one soooo hang on tight and stick with me till the end because I may be bias but I think it is such a sweet and special story.

So to start the story of his proposal I have to rewind to Jan 2017. Picture this I am about to get off work on a friday afternoon and I pop in a peice of gum.  Well I start to chew and CRUNCH! Like HOLY SH** I have blood pouring from my mouth.   I had a filling fall out and there was blood everywhere!!! I mean dripping down my chin and all…. it was disgusting. Well I left work right away and called my mom.  She urgently told me that I needed to get it taken care of right now.  I told her we were supposed to go snowboarding for the weekend and that I could wait until monday because I would have had to see an after hours  emergency dentist. My normal dentist was already closed for the weekend and  nobody was open so I had to find an emergency dentist.  My mother was very adament about me getting it done that day.  I didn’t really think anything about it then, but now I know why she was so insistent that it had to be taken care of right away. (SHE KNEW what was supposed to happen that weekend) Needless to say I had a new filling and was all patched up within the next few hours.  Poor Corbin, I had called him when it happened and he told me later that he almost had a mini heart attack. He was so afraid that it was going to ruin the entire weekend and I had no idea. Poor guy.

Corbin and I can be pretty frugal when It comes to travel…….sometimes. We like to enjoy ourselves but this whole weekend was supposed to be about saving some money and just getting outta the house.  Early early like butt crack of dawn, 4am Saturday morning we woke up to head down to Buena Vista Colorado for the weekend, and to snowboard for two days at Monarch Mountain. We drove down 3 hours for first chair first tracks and enjoyed a long day on the mountain snowboarding, and chillin’ it was freezing!  Since we ar so frugal we always try to pack food and drinks to save a little money for lunch and breaky.   We ate our PB&J sandwhiches while we got warmed up in the lodge and had our water with snacks.  It was a pretty simple, typical snowboarding trip day.   We stayed at the Motel 8 the first night people, we are talking real classy stuff here. It had three hot tubs! Not one but three! So you know it’s a nice one. HAHAHA

The next morning we had “continental breakfast”, which was more like coffee and fruit. Corbin has told me to pack up my things because he said he wanted to find a place with a better rate.  I really did not think about it at the time but what gets cheaper than the Motel 8?!?!  So without thinking I packed up and we headed out to the mountain with our sack lunches.  It was a beautiful blue bird day that morning, not a cloud in the sky.   We pull up and we start putting all our gear on in the car.  Corbin was checking something in the car and I grab his coat to put jelly beans in his pocket.  We always like to have a little treat in our coats for while we are sitting on the lift.  I call out to him “hey what pocket do you want your candy in,” and he looked up and instantly ripped the coat out of my hands.  He did not say anything but I thought it was kind of rude! I guess he didn’t want any jelly beans.   Anywho, I continue to get ready and we head to the Lodge.  I sit outside and Corbin says he has to use the restroom.  Little did I know he was not using the restroom at all. (More on this later)

The rest of the day was great, the sun was warm and the snow was good! We had a little bit of powder and we even hiked to the peak and rode down a couple times.  As the day went on I kept telling Corbin around 11am that I was really cold, my toes needed warmed up and I was kinda hungry.  He would not listen and just said lets go ride this lift to over there, we have got to go over there.  He kept on pushing and pushing me so I finally I oblidged and got on the darn lift to where ever he wanted to take me.   When we got to the top there was a photographer.  You know the ones that take family photos on top of the mountain as like a souvineer.  The photos are all over priced and usually silly but sometimes it’s super fun to just do with the family.  Any way Corbin says hey since this is date weekend why don’t we get our pictures taken.   I should have known something was fishy then because he usually is always against doing those but I just said SURE and we walk up to the camera guy.   He says hey guys I have this really nice place for photos if you want to follow me.  So we walk down the run a little way where its a little secluded and surrounded by trees on one side.   Again, I did not think anything of it because he was the photogragher and he knew where to take the best photos.

We start taking photos and take all these silly photos.  We have funny sunglasses on and we are being super goofy.   Then he made us take them off and look at each other like we liked each other haha.  For some reason Corbin would not look at the camera and he kept looking at me trying to say something and I kept saying “babe shhhhh look at the camera.” Finally he pulls my arms and says “listen to me”  so I listen.  I still did not know what was going on.  He starts talking about how much he loves me and yada yada and I was like yeah thats sweet babe we are taking pictures. BUT then all the sudden he gets down on one knee!!!!! OKAY This is where it gets real guys! He popped the question and said some really sweet sweet words to me that surprised me beyond words.  I was frozen and in shock.  I couldn’t speak.  He had to ask me if I was going to answer him or not. Which of course I said YES! I was speechless! Meanwhile the camera guy was in the background taking photos of us and we completely forgot he was there.  He captured the whole moment and Corbin had actually planned to have him photograph it all for us and the guy played it off so well.  It was such a special moment for the both of us and we were so happy.  Corbin had completely surprised me and I honestly had no idea he was going to propose.  It’s really hard to surprise me because nothing gets past me haha I notice and hear everything.   At this point we were done with snowboarding for the day.  We were overwhelmed with emotions and happiness and I just couldn’t beleive it.

Once inside the lodge we enjoyed the glowing warmth from the fireplace where we waited for the photos from the camera guy to be loaded on disk for us.  They turned out perfect! Like way better than expected and I was so pleased that he had capured those special moments on camera for us to remember forever.  Once we packed up for the day we were headed down the road and aparently we had reservations somewhere because we pull up to a beautiful resort and Corbin says that this is where we are staying tonight.  I was blow away by all the detail Corbin had put into the most special weekend ever!

The Resort turned out to be Mt. Princeton Resort and Hot Springs which is absolutely stunning surrounded by 14er’s and the chalk cliffs. When we pulled up to the resort Corbin had actually reserved one of the large rustic log cabins for us which was a huge two story cabin. It was such a cozy romantic place to stay!   We get unpacked and he says quick hurry up babe we have a reservation….. I was like for what?! He had reserved us a couples massage at the day spa which was fabulous! What a relaxing way to end the day… so I thought.   After that we went to the gorgeous outdoor hot springs for a little bit.  This place has a spa type spring pool and then you can actually sit in the river where geothermic hot water runs through the river making it hot to sit in even all winter long.  It was so relaxing and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better he says we need to hustle because we have dinner reservations.  We ended up having a deliscious 4 course meal at the main lodge which was super yummy! I had a drool worthy lamb t-bone and he had a steak of some sort.  It was by far one of the best days of my life and we still weren’t done.  After dinner we ended up going back the hot springs for a little bit before bed and soaked up the warm waters and the glow of the snow off of the mountains under the moolight.

The next morning was bitter sweet we went to the hotsprings again and actually went way way up the mountain road a ways to a ghost town called St. Elmo.  There was so much snow up there, the ghost town was burried in snow.  Literally the snow was up to the roofs of the old buildings. It was intense.  Sadly, our trip was coming to an end and we had to head home but we took our time enjoying the long day in the mountains.  When we reached home after being three hours in the car together talking about wedding goodness we met up with my family to tell them all about the magical weekend we just had!  It was a weekend I will remember forever!

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