Free Hotel Workout- Travel Friendly Fitness

Hey Guys I know its been I while since I  have been on here.  Life just happens sometimes and my job has kinda taken priority but I am going to be making time in my day to make sure that I am working on this blog and creating fun content for you guys.

I wanted to give you guys something to take away today since most of my posts are about my life/ home etc…. and the whole point of this blog was a place for fitness and motivation.   With that being said I have a treat today with a FREE travel workout for you all to screen shot or save for your next vacation!  I will be posting more of these more frequently especially since its the summer and many of you are traveling alot.   P.S. take me with you! I am small and can fit in most carry on luggage! 😉  who wouldn’t want to take their personal trainer with them on vacay.?!? Am I right or am I right?  Just saying……
For most of us and even me it’s easy to let travel derail your workout routine—a long flight and an even longer road trip can make you want to face-plant into the bed. After all, you don’t have your go-to gear, your hotel doesn’t have a gym, and hey, you’re on vacation—you’ll get back on track when it’s over, right? Not so fast.
Exercise can be part of your vacation with this excuse-proof plan can help you squeeze in a killer toning session anytime, anywhere. 
Here is a great circuit that you can take with you and do literally anywhere you go!
Hotel Room Workout.png
Happy travels!

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