Self Care : Three Simple Things You Haven’t Tried Yet

Hey BuffBabes Fam!

I know how important it is to fill up your cup and take extra good care of yourself so you can go into everyday with an overflowing heart and a fresh sharp mind.  Even though our morning routines, nutrition, hydration, and sleep habits are all essential to taking care of yourself. I want to take the next step into self care just a little bit further as we start this week off strong.

Self Care Begins with Self Awareness 

Pay close attention to what you’re reading, listening to, or seeing everyday.  It can  (and often does) have an effect on you and how you feel whether you realize it or not. You can get caught up in the highlight reels you see on social media and start comparing yourself to others. It is pretty much daily that we scroll through our accounts and see so many beautifully edited photos that we forget what real life actually looks like. This has such a large impact on your overall mindset and subconscious.

Often times when we think about self care, we think in terms of treating ourselves. While a face mask and bubble bath are definitely a relaxing form of self care, they are only a temporary solution. Instead of focusing on what you can do to take care of yourself in that moment, focus on acting with intention as you go through your day and through life. Mindfulness can play a pivotal role and will allow you to observe what is benefiting you and what is not. Try to Be aware that everything you do, and everything you expose yourself to, can affect you even in the most minor way.


In order to be your best self, it’s important to practice self care in all aspects of your life.

That’s all for today!

xoxo -Shayla

2 thoughts on “Self Care : Three Simple Things You Haven’t Tried Yet

  1. Hi Shayla, I am reaching you here in the comments since I couldn’t find your contact information anywhere on your blog. If you are open to collaborations I’d love to hear from you. It would be awesome if you could get in touch with me directly at and I can give you some details of what I have in mind. Thanks! 🙂


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