Wow what a time to be living right now.  Everything that is happening daily will be part of history books soon and we are all living it.  I am so saddened at the current state of the country and I pray daily for everyone effected by everything happening around us. Let us all stand strong together and remember that this too shall pass.  

In the spirit of trying to move forward and get back to normalcy as quickly as possible I have decided to continue with my favorites posts and provide something positive and uplifting in the midst of so many negative and awful things occurring in the world today.   Okay now enough of this sad stuff and more of the happy stuff! 


May was a whirlwind of a month! We had mothers day, My girlfriends virtual Derby Bridal Shower and Corbins birthday all on the same day and a bunch of other wonderful things that went on all throughout the month! 


Once Quarantine was lifted and travel was permitted I went to FL for one of my oldest friends bachelorette parties! Her parents have a home down there so we all stayed there, and it was an absolute blast! I haven’t had that much fun in soooo long! I am so glad we were able to celebrate still even though they had to post pone the wedding until later in the year. Can I just give the bride a huge shout out for being so calm and positive through everything.  She has been a trooper and I can’t wait to be in her wedding in August! 

Due to most places to eat and go in Colorado still being restricted or closed. I really have not ventured out much around home to explore or try new things.  But Thank the LORD for online shopping and takeout food.  Well, actually I love cooking but we do get takeout occasionally. Chic-Fil-Ayyyyyyy please and thank you! or Pizza my favorite.  Right now we haven’t been able to find the best pizza place in town yet so we’ve been opting for Papa Murphys Take- N- Bake on Tuesdays.  Which has been fun but I am a snob when it comes to pizza.  I like it paper thin almost as if the toppings were the crust.  Soooo we are on the hunt for some good NY style pizza! 

Also! another highlight of the month. One of my girlfriends came down to visit for the weekend this month and so we tried to find some outdoor things to do like walk around Garden of the Gods, Visit Manitou Springs, and Drive to the top of Pikes peak.  We actually had a wonderful time and it was nice to have another human visit my home! 

Now on to the good stuff. I’m sure most of you who have been following me for a while already know, BUT if you’ve never read one of these posts, let me explain.  I like to take an inventory of my favorite things I have stumbled upon each month and share them with you all! It will be open to anything and all things – no exceptions!

If you end up taking my advice (which come on girl, why wouldn’t you?!) and purchase or use any of the items below – TAG ME in them! I want to see you out there being the BadAss Babes that you all are!



  1. Dog Pool   This dog pool is one of the best investments of the summer according to Lulu! She loves playing in water but not really swimming and this pool is perfect for that. It is small and compact. It folds up and is able to be put away for the season  and pulled out for the next.   The thing that is really awesome is that it is anti slip and scratch resistant. Those puppy nails won’t puncture through and they won’t face plant or slip and slide around.  It’s perfect for those hot summer days and for giving outdoor baths in.   Lulu gives this one a thumbs up.                                      Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.22.26 PM
  2. Callus Scraper     Alright let me first start by saying this is really gross but it really works! This thing is professional grade steel and it’s what they use in the salons to get the calluses off your heels.  It’s literally a cheese grater for your skin. Soooooo disgusting but the results are well worth the baby smooth feet in between pedicures. My husband even uses it and he says its helped his feet not be so rough and scratchy.  I can’t stand looking at his nasty feet so I am glad he started using this.  Now when I go to the salon the lady can’t tell me oh you have nasty calluses.  Like sorry lady I’m on my feet all day, I can’t help it.                                                              Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.20.40 PM
  3. Eyelash Comb    Do you ever have those days were no matter how you put your mascara on it still looks clumpy and lumpy.   Maybe its time for a new tube of mascara or maybe you just want to stretch it a little longer and not have to buy another 20 dollar tube. Either way I really like this little handy dandy tool.  It combs your lashes without ripping them out and it leaves the mascara on so you don’t have to reapply again. after combing through them show stoppers.                  Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.20.20 PM
  4. Crop T-Shirt   If you are looking for a comfy perfect length oversized crop T-Shirt Look no further this is the one you need! Its very thick and not flimsy and it holds its shape, which I love and It sits just at my hips not showing off too much skin. I have purchased this shirt in two colors a lime green and this Carhart tan color and Im looking at the white and black one too! comes in tons and tons of colors. Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.32.07 PM                                           
  5. Pink Dress     One of my favorite online stores is Tuckernuck they have to most unique and carefully curated collections for each season and every age! This cute little summer dress is light and airy perfect for the hot days ahead.  When I received it it seemed more pinkish/redish and less bubblegum pink but its still adorable and so comfy.   I’d say size down because the fit is a little oversized.   Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 4.34.19 PM

Well folks that’s all for this month.  I pray that all of you reading this have a safe, peaceful, and happier start to your June!




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