FEBRUARY Favorites

The month of February flew by in a whirlwind and I am glad that it is over. I lost my grandma and it was and still is a lot to handle. I know that my heart will take a long time to heal from grief and sadness but I have my family and that helps me so much! I am very thankful that we were able to hold a service for her as I know so many people during this crazy year have not been able to have any sort of closure whatsoever. I feel fortunate enough to have had the small gathering that we did. It brought some of my family together who I haven’t seen in 15 years! We were able to celebrate her life and be at peace laying her to rest.

Onto more positive topics, the month of February was otherwise uneventful and to be honest we didn’t do anything notable other than be with family. I am extremely ready for Spring time and the flowers to start blooming. I love that smell in the air of fresh grass and the promise of warmer weather to come. As I type this we are preparing for a HUGE winter storm with tons snow forecasted for the weekend. Yippee…. Not. I just noticed my daffodils and tulips were starting to peek out of the soil in my flower bed out front, and I am sad that they might get frozen and not bloom this year.

I decided this year I would decorate a little for Valentines day because why the heck not. Life is just too short not to celebrate every single day! I made the most adorable little love day banner out of felt with my new Cricut which was so much fun! I plan to make a banner for every holiday now!

To top it off I made Corbin and I a delicious cake from the Sweet Laurel Blog called Pretty Pink Valentines cake which turned out absolutely delicious! I even came up with the most perfectly Kate Spadesssk outfit and I love how it looked except I forgot to photograph myself wearing it. Oops haha.

A Very Skate Spade Valentines

Now on to the stuff you have been waiting to read. If you have been following me for a while you already know, BUT if you’ve never read one of these posts, let me explain.  I like to take an inventory of my favorite things I have stumbled upon each month and share them with you all! It will be open to anything and all things – no exceptions!

If you end up taking my advice (which come on, why wouldn’t you?!) and purchase or use any of the items below – TAG ME in them! I want to see you out there being the BadAss Babes that you all are!

1. Cookbook: This pretty in pink Sweet Laurel Cookbook is one I reach for time and time again from my personal cook book library. I love to bake and cook so I have tons of great books to choose from. Sweet Laurel Bakery is an actual store front bakery in LA that serves decadent treats and cakes that are dairy free, grain free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. I went to a baby shower for a friend who was from LA and she requested her cakes be from Sweet Laurel. I didn’t know that at the time when I took a bite of the most delicious healthier for you cake in my life! She told me that they were from the Sweet Laurel Cookbook and that I had to get it! I then promptly ordered the moment I got home. I find that most healthier, cleaner versions of recipes call for some harder to find ingredients but not this book! It’s probably my favorite part about the book, the recipes are so simple and have minimal ingredients but with maximum flavor! Plus they don’t taste healthy which is even better! Sweet Laurel is releasing a savory cookbook next month and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

2. Nap Dress: Alright so one of the fabulous fashion trends of the season is the nap dress! Chic enough to wear to bed and run errands. The Hill House Nap Dress is a new spring staple in my closet that I will surely be buying more of as soon as they release more. You Gotta be quick too because man they sell out of all sizes almost instantly and I felt like I was running the Kentucky derby where my fingers couldn’t move over the keyboard fast enough to hit purchase. I did however, end up snagging at least one of the dresses I had my eye on. A gorgeous light blue check pattern with silver thread embedded in the fabric. It reminded me of a casual Cinderella and I love all things sparkly. I think I plan on wearing to Easter or even to a summer party! It also looks darling with a light cardigan sweater over the top and some sneakers to go with. I don’t usually buy longer dresses due to the fact that I am so short but this one fits perfectly! I bought my normal XS but that is because they don’t get any smaller. I would recommend going down a whole size if you choose to buy one! I can also get you $20 dollars off your first purchase over $100 if you use my code here! Nap Dress Code

3. Console Oil Blend: This relaxing and comforting essential oil blend by doTERRA has been just what I needed these past few months from the loss of my grandmother. It has helped with my emotional healing through such a sad time. If you are in need of some emotional comfort try defusing this oil or wearing it on your shirt collar throughout the day as a reminder to stay positive and to ward off feelings of grief or sadness. I am such a huge fan of all doTERRA products they truly are top of line when it comes to essential oils and natural products. I love everything I have ever ordered from them. My sister is a rep so if you want wholesale prices reach out to me via DMs on insta @shaylamellette and I can connect you with her to make a purchase.

4. Heart Sunglasses: Okay these A.J. Morgan heart shaped sunnies from Tuckernuck are part of my new summer and spring accessories! They have a very expensive feel without the expensive price tag and look identical to the YSL heart sunglasses which makes them an awesome purchase! I just watched this hilarious reel on Insta where this lady was trying to justify getting new sunglasses to her hubby. It went something Like…. “I just do because I just feel better and I’m nicer and if I’m nice your nice and everything runs smoothly” Granted this lady has like 20 pairs of designer shades so yeah I would probably have to do some explaining too. Anyway Tuckernuck is always my go to for chic and affordable finds that you don’t see everywhere else.

5. Soy Handmade Candle: I found this Colorado Springs local candle making company when I stumbled into a cute little store in downtown Co Springs. The store is called Eclectic Co and it is an Artisan Co-Op with over 60 local vendors within the store. I LOVE candles and all things that smell good so I had to grab one of these candles for myself. The best part is that Roam and Wander CO also sells their colorado inspired candles on Etsy so if you want one for yourself its easy to order one, and they offer free shipping on all orders! I wanted to bring all the candles home with me because they all smell so good! I ended up picking Telluride because I love very smoky and woody scents. Telluride brings that untamed frontiersman sensibility straight to your home. A perfect scent for those who seek adventure with its blend of cedar and smoked vanilla. Each Scent is Colorado inspired and named a Colorado town which I thought was cool!

Stay tuned next month for some more awesome goodies! I always try to share the very best with you guys and I love being able to take the time to sit down and write about all my finds. If I could make blogging a full time job I totally would. I am definitely not a writer by any means but I fully enjoy writing this type of content. I hope you find some joy or entertainment in reading my blogs. Ant don’t forget to tag me if you decide to get anything I recommend. Until next month my friends!



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