JUNE 2021 Favorites

Summer is here and its HOT! This summer has been a blast so far and I can’t wait to share everything we did in July with you all too! Camping Hiking and lots of fun things have been keeping us super busy. Thank goodness too because we were starting to go a little crazy after so long time of not really doing a whole lot. Lots of good food, good friends and good times we have had so far!

June was a great way to kick off the summer with an awesome weekend camping trip with my girlfriend! We had the most epic camping spot on this beautiful run off creek and hardly a soul in sight. The best part was that we were able to have a campfire which we love! Most of the time in Colorado there is a fire ban statewide due to wildfires. This year there are certain areas you can have a campfire and it was so nice to sit around and make s’mores!

We went on this hike that was supposed to be 3 miles round trip and we took a wrong turn and ended up doing almost 10 miles hahaha that’s what I get for following Corbins directions. We hiked up to this old abandoned mine with a water fall above it which was beautiful. Miss Lulu was a trooper and did the whole hike with a few sections of carrying her to give her a rest. Once we got down from our hike we decided it was a good idea to go paddle boarding. We totally should have waited until the next morning because we were exhausted and the wind picked up and blew my friend to the other end of the lake. We made the most of it and packed up pretty quick to go back to our camp site to enjoy some more burgers and brats on the fire.

The last day of our little camping trip we went to this place that was other worldly and very not “to code” is what Corbin would say. It was called Bishop’s Castle. This guy built this massive castle on his private property and it is really something to see. The towers are super high and there was no way I was going to the top but the other two went up there. Everything is made of concrete and rocks and rebar, handmade iron work mixed with a bunch of random junk that he just made work for what he was making. It’s SUPER SKETCH but well worth the drive to go and see something super bizarre but artistic at the same time.

We also had both of our moms come stay for a visit which was so lovely! My mom came down for a few days to hang out and relax, we went shopping and had a lovely lunch together! We took her to our favorite Mexican restaurant which she loved and I am already looking forward to having her visit again! My mother-in-law also visited and we had the greatest time eating good food and shopping around too! Shopping, Food, and Moms go hand in hand :). I love them both very much!

If you have been following me a while then you know I love decor, tables-capes, and vintage furniture. I put together a blue and white table for the month of June and finally had my vintage grotto shell back chairs upholstered in a beautiful performance velvet harbor blue material from Ballard Designs. Check out Junes table scape!

Now on to my favorites for the month of June 2021. If you ever decide to buy or try anything from my favorites I would love it if you shared and or tagged me so I can see you all enjoying some of the things that I have been enjoying too! If this is your first time reading my posts I do not get paid for these items or links to these items and I do not get anything from these companies for free. These are things I have personally bought and purchased with my own hard earned money and I just love sharing the things that I love with y’all.

1.Elizabeth Dress: okay y’all know my love for dresses. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a whole closet dedicated to my dresses because well why not?! I have been buying dresses from Elizabeth Wilson Designs for three or so years now and I absolutely love that they are handmade in the US and a woman owned small business. I find them to be top quality and very comfortable. What I love is that they are extremely unique. I have posted other outfits from her on my favorites before because you just can’t find anything like them anywhere else. With a beautiful floral print, flowy long sleeves, little ruffle details, and a perfect full gathered skirt, the Elizabeth dress is sure to win you endless compliments. This versatile dress can be worn on or off the shoulder for an entirely different look!

2. Espadrilles: I have had my eye on these Castaner wedges for a few years now. These are all over the influencer insta pages so I had to see what the big hype was all about. I knew I was going to have a lot of events and parties this year so I finally got myself a pair. Let me just tell you right now that they are honestly the comfiest wedges I own. No joke I wore them all day long and walked around downtown in them, did an escape room etc and they didn’t bother me at all. I’m all for comfy cute shoes that add some height to this shorty over here 🙂

3. Nail Polish: I don’t typically go for blue nail polish, in fact most of the time I am a tried and true pink girl. I love a good hot pink nail. This blue is so beautiful and bright and reminds me of YSL blue which I love! Essie nail polish is one of my favorite nail polish brands I find the variety of colors and the pigmentation to be just right. If you’re looking for a fun and flirty color this summer try the color Butler Please.

4. Dog water bottle: If you have ever been hiking with a dog or even just traveling you know that the water situation is sometimes a pain because you have to carry a water dish and an extra water bottle and when they are done you have to dump the excess water and waste it. This awesome invention solves both problems and allows you to save the remaining water and have a bowl and bottle all in one. You squeeze the bottle to fill the top up and when the dog is all done you just release the bottle and is sucks all the water back in without wasting a drop. At first I was a little worried that it would leak and spill all over the place did it actually didn’t and I was very pleased that I didn’t have to waste all the water that I had to carry for miss Lulu. My friend actually had one of these High Wave Water Bottles when we went mountain biking with her and her dogs and they had plenty of water and it was super easy to carry because it fit in the water bottle holder on her bike. I immediately had to order one because its great to have even for long car rides and just fits in the cup holder. If you have an active dog this to me is a must have!

5. Sour strips candy: The candy that you can’t find anywhere because it’s always sold out. I went to every single target in Colorado Springs just to find one bag of the blue raspberry flavor which don’t get me wrong was delish but I really was looking for the watermelon or the rainbow flavors but Alas I haven’t been able to get my hands on them yet. Now I know you can order this brand from their website but then that just made me feel bad about myself that I am ordering candy from online. I’m still on the hunt at Target for other flavors to try.

Well my friends I am so sorry that this is getting to you a little late this month. I have been traveling every single week the month of July and will be sure to fill you in next month on all my adventures! I hope you enjoyed this post and reading about my life and my favorites! Be sure to check out next month for even more goodies!

Have a happy summer and have fun shopping!!


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