AUGUST 2021 Favorites

My sister got married this month and the travels continue! My summer did not slow down from last month and I am totally okay with that!

The month of August was a good one for sure. It is the month that my husband passed his State Board Exam for his Electrical License. I am so extremely proud of all his hard work towards that huge goal of his and all the goals that he is now working towards. He is very driven and passionate about what he does and it’s so fun seeing him love what he does. That day also turned out to be my besties birthday so we got to have a fun night out on the town in Denver to celebrate both!

August is also the month that my sister who is a year younger than me got married! We all flew up to Idaho just outside Boise in a small farm town where they got married at the most beautiful private residence. It was covered in fruit trees and grape vines and everything was so green. It felt like we were in a secret garden all day and it was magical. Her wedding day turned out to be so beautiful and the food was amazing! We don’t have all the photos but I can share a few with you here. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to snap a quick photo with the bride (my sis after we were all gussied up). It was so nice to have all 5 of us siblings together at once. That rarely happens so it was good to see my family 🙂

The most terrifying escape room ever! I only screamed a few times.

Now on to the stuff you really want to read about. My top five favs for the month of August! Enjoy!

Caviar Eye Shadow Stick: I was influenced by instagram influencer Hannah Benak aka looksandmerit to purchase a couple of these eye shadow sticks. I take her advice on a lot of things and I really was amazed at how well these worked. The creamy formula goes on so smoothly and lasted a full 8 hour day of training clients plus sweating. I will take that as a win for me and add some other colors to my makeup bag soon! I got the colors Amethyst and Kiss From A Rose and cant wait to add some nude matte colors as well. I am not a do your makeup everyday kinda girl but this simple eyeshadow really elevates my 5 minute everyday look.

Paw Soother: Colorado is super dry and hot during the summer. With that being said your dogs feet are just like your skin they need moisturized too, otherwise they crack and bleed. I think of it as like putting lotion on your pups feet, they get a good massage and its so healing and soothing to them. My poor girl came home one day from a place that we had her boarded at and they must have had the dogs running around on hot rocks because she came home and her feet were swollen, bright red, and bleeding. I put paw soother on and it immediately soothed the redness and the swelling of her toes was gone by the morning. Now I do this at least once a week to her feet and they stay baby smooth and don’t get all scratchy.

Olaplex Hair Mask: Lately I have been noticing a lot of breakage and dryness with my hair. So my mother in law who owns a hair salon suggested I start using Olaplex. I immediately noticed a huge difference with my hair after the first use. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner as well as this moisture mask that I leave on for 15 min. My hair after I treat it feels as soft and as smooth as when I leave the hair salon. Which I have never been able to obtain at home on my own ever. I highly recommend this to anyone with dry hair this mask is Da bomb dot com. Literally I don’t know why I never tried it before.

Dog Cooling Blanket: My sweet girl Lulu is one big fluff butt and she is always roasting no matter what time of the day it is. I used to use gel cooling mats and I found this soft cooling blanket on amazon for really cheap. It is actually really cooling to the touch, which is kinda cool because I have no idea how they do that to a fabric but they do. Lulu loves it because I can drape this anywhere she likes to lay down and it gives her that added coolness. At night she gets really antsy if she is hot so I lay this on her bed and it helps so much with her restlessness.

Charlie Horse Hat: I recently found this fabulous Wool Lavender Hat. I was headed to a Blake Shelton Concert and they had a Boot Barn tent that my girlfriend wanted to go check out all the boots in. The very first thing I saw in the tent was this lavender hat! I knew it was love at first sight when I pulled it off the shelf and put it on my head. Now I wasn’t too sure on the rounded top shape so I had it reshaped and had some feathers added to it to make it a custom look. I love this finished look! The hat shaper did a fantastic job and made it totally unique to what I wanted. See below photos for how I had my hat shaped and please ignore the foam roller in the background.

Until next month my friends! I hope you have a wonderful month ahead of you!



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