SEPTEMBER 2021 Favorites

WOW I swear we just don’t ever slow down. I have literally been living out of a suitcase the past few months but hey who’s complaining when you are having fun!

We had our annual family photos with our friend and photographer Mikayla and if you are in the Colorado Springs area hit me up because she is so much fun to work with and great at what she does. I highly recommend her for all your photo needs! I won’t share too many of our photos due to the fact that they are part of our Christmas cards but I will share some of the ones that I did not use for our cards.

We also had another wedding in Utah at Solitude Mountain Resort my husband Corbin was in the wedding as a groomsmen to the groom whom he has known since grade school. I had never been to Utah and it was so beautiful with all the fall colors at this time of the year. We had a great time hanging out and celebrating our friends big day!

Now on to every ones favorite part! The Favorites! If you see something you like and want to try I would love to be tagged in some way shape or form if you end up loving it 🙂 I only share things that I really really like and I hope you will too!

Theraband Flexbar: As a personal trainer I see all sorts of people who have had injuries or who are in pain for all different things. Tennis elbow and tendonitis/ carpel tunnel being one I see a lot of in my clients. I have had extreme carpel tunnel from a few of my jobs in college and I can tell you it is nasty! This little guy helps so much with just a few simple movements. You might be thinking…. That’s just a rubber noodle, which yes it is but it helps relieve pain and or tension almost instantly after a few turns of the wrists. Now a ton of my clients keep these at work with them so they can crank on their flexbar while at their desks.

Oribe Hair Mask: Ever since I had COVID My hair has had a lot of breakage and dryness. So much so that my hair is wayyy shorter now that it was. I started using olaplex and now added some other products in and I have totally seen a huge difference in how soft and supple my hair has gotten. This hair mask by Oribe is fabulous! My hair feels like it does after a deep conditioning treatment or that after the salon feeling that is so hard to achieve on your own. The best part is that it does it’s magic after just one minute of massaging! Yup, that means no sitting in the shower waiting for your hair to soak up all the goodness. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The Great Alone: If you know anything about me then you know I’m obsessed with Alaska! I actually used to work in the summers in Alaska working as a care taker on a Peony flower farm on the Kenai peninsula. The thing I loved most about this book was the detail and the research that went into the writing about all things AK. The author Kristin Hannah does a fabulous job at really making sure you are almost there engulfed in the scene with the characters in the story. I have a few other books of hers on my wish list and I can not wait to start reading!

Red lipstick: The perfect red lipstick does exist! This creamy matte lipstick from Gucci is the best red I have ever found for my skin tone. I LOVE lipstick and I was so sad when we all had to wear masks and I couldn’t wear lipstick or gloss. It is in the shade #25* Goldie Red – the gucci red matte. It is so soft and buttery yet even though it is a matte lippy it is not drying at all. This is now my go to red lip look and I hope you try it too!

Slip Dress: This is the dress that I wore to our friends wedding in Utah. It was so comfy and fit like a glove! I received multiple complements on the dress and requests to where I got it. Everyone was shocked that it was from Amazon and the fact that it was so cheap. To create the whole look I threw on a real mink fur shawl, some cheetah heels and voila the perfect mountain top wedding quest outfit. I highly recommend having a few slip dresses in your closet for a staple look and while a true real silk slip dress is gorgeous and truly fabulous. I am too rough and tough and would snag a real silk dress in the blink of an eye. So this cheaper alternative will have to do and I don’t have to worry too much about it.

I hope to see you back next time for some more goodies that I find next month. I always share some of the things that I love and I hope you do too! If you ever have anything that you absolutely love and want me to try I would love it if you reached out and shared your favorites with me too!

Talk to you soon!

Shayla 🙂

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