January 2022 Favorites

Brrrrrrrrrr winter is here. Currently as I write this post it is -4 degrees outside and absolutely miserable. My dog wouldn’t even go outside and when I tried to put her out she sat on my feet so as not to touch the freezing snow. Mind you she loves the snow, so that’s when you know it’s really cold.

We finally were able to go to Monarch and snowboard on a beautiful bluebird powder day. It was fantastic! I ashamedly hadn’t been snowboarding in almost 4 years! 😳 Friends this used to be what my life revolved around. Boarding for each season between wakeboarding, snowboarding, longboarding, and skateboarding I had it going on. To feel the soft pull of the powder under my board with each turn was like Heaven…. Even with numb feet and all. We even made it to our fav watering hole Mt Princeton Hotsprings for a nice relaxing soak. All in all it was a great trip and we were pooped afterwards. 💩

Now onto the good stuff. My January five favorite tems. Below you will see all the goodies I found this month. Note that I in now way make anything from posting or linking these items for you. I simply just like to share things I personally love and like to use.

Muddy Hand-warmers: If you know me personally I am always freezing! My sweet husband got these for me from Sams club for Christmas and they have been such a lifesaver on freezing cold walks with miss Lulu. I also take it to work with me to keep my hands warm while coaching and I absolutely love them!

Chagaccino Drink Mix: My youngest sister works at a coffee shop that serves these delightful drinks. It is a drink mix that you add to your espresso and oat milk or any milk and it has the most heavenly woody almost chocolate taste to it. I’m Not really sure all the health benefits that chaga mushroom has but I do know it is a great form of antioxidants.

Bioionic Long Barrel Curling Iron: I have never owned a curling iron before and I have always wanted one. Whenever I get my hair done my stylist uses this bad boy on my hair and bam I have luscious curls for days and days. I finally pulled the trigger and got myself one and my curls turn out gorgeous every time!

Cape Coat: I have shared so many Elizabeth Wilson Dresses over the past few years and I finally got one of her cape coats on mega sale and It is fabulous! I feel like a southern belle mixed with an upper class English woman. 🤣 The wool is warm and soft and now I want one in every color!

Blood and Ash Series: I am such a sucker for a fantasy romance novel lately and this series did not disappoint. I am on book three so far and really enjoying it! I highly recommend giving it a try. It was definitely a paper turner for me 🙂 Vampires, wolverines, royalty and ancient deity blood lines with immortality all wrapped into one love story. It sure kept me entertained!

And that’s a wrap my friends!

Until next month,


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