February 2022 Favorites


Yes, I know the fox fur coat is a lot to handle but IDGAF what people think and I love it and thats really all that matters plus it is super warm and toasty.

Hearts, flowers, with pink and red everything! True story but we never go out for a fancy date on valentines nor do we even cook a candlelit dinner at home. No joke we actually go to Qdoba and get BOGO burrito bowls 😂 it’s been a tradition since college days years ago and now we can’t break the tradition. Instead we opt for fancy dinner dates to be spontaneous and fun rather than pre planned and super busy. It’s actually way more enjoyable that way too.

This month I found some neato cheeto items I think you will enjoy. I won’t babble on about the month because quite honestly it was just normal everyday mundane things and I don’t really think you want to hear about all the things I do in a day to day break down. It’s a lot to handle even for me sometimes. 😉

please excuse the chippy nails haha Im rockin’ my new hat pins here

Onto the fun part that everyone enjoys each month. My monthly favorites!

Magic Spoon Cereal: Alright friends I am not typically a sucker for Instagram ads or influencer promos for food, supps, or any of those things. However, I had a friend bring me a sample of this magical cereal to try one day at the gym. Of course I immediately ordered some that day. I was skeptical at first for spending $10 a box on cereal like come on people that’s outrageous am I right? I wanted to be able to try it before I bought it and boy was I impressed. I purchased the 4 pack and got honey grahams, frosted, fruity, and cookies and cream. I thought they tasted amazing and I loved that I could get a good sized serving of protein in too. Super clean ingredients made the deal even better and I will most definitely be purchasing again. I pretty much measured out each serving, so that I didn’t eat the whole box in one bowl, and had it as a dry snack in the afternoon kinda like a protein bar. Each serving is about 1 cup of cereal which actually was filling because of the nutrients it provided verses empty calories in regular cereal. Now all I have to do is make sure my husband doesn’t find out how much it costs per box 😎😬

Retro Wrangler Dress: Believe it or not but I’ve always been a cowgirl at heart. I had every farm animal you can imagine and I loved horses and still love horses today. I would spend hours at the barn just with the horses if I could. I did 4-H my entire childhood and I loved how it taught me how to be responsible for something. Sometimes I get back to my country girl roots and this dress does just that for me. It is so bright and fun and I actually got it at the local ranch and feed store. I saw it on a mannequin and had to have it. I still need to find the right concho belt to wear with it because shirt dresses tend to eat me alive because I’m so small but I still wore it to lunch with the Fam one day with my moms vintage 80’s fringe leather jacket she gave me 🙂 This is the only site I can find it listed on but here it is if you are interested!

Business Minded Book: Instagram has been the literal best at making and finding virtual friends. I follow the author of this book because we both needlepoint and I found her via other needlepoint friends. Her book is literally one of my favorite small business books I’ve ever opened. It’s so beautiful inside with all the illustrations and the workbook style pages. Most people who have ever read a “business” book can hardly finish it because of how dry the content can be. Carly did a fabulous job breaking down all the aspects of starting and running a small business all while making it fun, interesting and interactive at the same time. Well done Carly Bravo! I hope you publish another book someday so I can dive into that one too!

Antonio Milani X Born on Fifth Platform Heels: Dillards has been crushing it on the collabs recently and I really wish I wasn’t such a sucker for heels especially because I live in Dirt Ville haha but hey a girl has to have shoe options. These baby blue leather soled platforms are a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe and perfect for Easter brunch. I have been really digging platforms this season as they are easy to wear and walk in and the extra added height is a huge plus for this 5 foot nothing gal right here.

Marian TX Hat Pins: I have a sweet friend down in SATX who started making her own jewelry. We met at a very upscale jeweler in Alamo heights and she helped me picked some fabulous pieces for my collection. Now that she has her own designs I of course had to support her work which was easy since it’s all so beautiful. If you ever see pictures of me I’m usually in a hat. I have all styles and colors of hats and when I saw her western hat pin I HAD to have it! She has these concho hat pins which are made of sterling and I also added a cute personalized cowboy toothpick that really customized the look of my cowgirl hat. I can’t wait to order more pieces of her collection. Simple, Elegant, Beautiful!

Hope you all enjoy! And if you ever decide to purchase any of these items I would love to be tagged on the gram to see you all enjoying the things that I enjoy!



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