Make up addict- Urban Decay

So as a make up lover I am always wanting to add to my collection.

If you love Urban Decay Cosmetics the new Naked On The Run is a must have!

I stayed up until 2am MST just to order it and it was totally worth it. I know that many of you junkies out there have been complaining about the kit not having a brush but lets face it 54$ is still a good deal.  If you break it down you are getting mascara which is 20$ Stag 24/7 eyeliner which is 20$, 6 brand new Naked eye shadows that are almost full size which is almost 100 dollars right there, and you get pretty much a naked flushed kit which is 30$ ======= wayyyyy over 54 dollars 🙂  Many of you ladies still carry brushes for your foundation and such so even though it would be nice to have a brush in the kit chances are you are still going to pack more stuff than just this one kit.

Fitness junkie alert!!!!!!

I am always looking for quick fix’er uppers when I am headed out of the gym.

This is a great addition to my gym bag because it contains the essentials to touch up after a good sweat session. Especially if I am headed to work or somewhere other than home afterwards.  Nobody likes looking like a drowned washed out rat in public 🙂

Next up tomorrows post will be Gym bag must haves!

stay tuned 🙂

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