The Glorious Well Anticipated Cheat Meal!!!!!

images-2I can be kind of annoying to people on the foods I eat and don’t eat. People always ask why aren’t you eating anything or don’t you want some, and it can get pretty  obnoxious at times.  Like seriously people leave me alone, who cares what I do and don’t eat. AM I RIGHT!!!?   Anyways, I have pretty good self control but when somebody has pizza ohhhh man I am all over that.  Of course its in moderation, like maybe two large pieces but still pizza is one of my guilty pleasures. I love love love it! who couldn’t love pizza and all its cheesy goodness! Sometimes me and my man each week we go to get one slice of New York style pizza and  5 wings each.  Its like a little weekly ritual and cheat meal we enjoy together.  The rest of the week we eat really good and we look forward to our regular weekly date to get pizza and wings.   I don’t like calling them cheat meals because I like to live my life pretty well balanced, but to me this is an indulgence that I truly enjoy! I am not on a strict meal plan right now, so I can allow that flexibility once a week.   Balance is the key to living a healthy happy life!       So, to all my pizza lovers out there, enjoy a slice for me!


pizza enthusiast,


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