Wednesday Day 3: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous

Hiya people!

Today was a wonderful day! I went fall decor shopping with my mom at Home Goods and Hobby Lobby (my favs!). We went to buy my younger sister some decor to ship to her because lets face it my sister would never go out and buy stuff like that so we thought we would surprise her!   We also had a lovely lunch together at Whole Foods of course! I had a wonderful piece of curry chicken with some curry cauliflower, and a spinach with tomato salad and balsamic vinegar for dressing! Can you say YUM!?

I still got in my booty call and my daily fitness challenge as well as cleaned the house and did a little me time!

Wednesdays word of the day: Centered

Todays mantra: I move through today with focus and poise.

Morning booty call: Took the pup on a mile long walk this morning. It was lovely and even got to say hi to some neighbor kids waiting for the bus.

BE FIT Challenge: Daily Fitness Challenge-HIIT: BURN, BABY, BURN!…. I really enjoy HIIT workouts they get your heart rate up quickly and they are typically a shorter faster workout too which is great for a time crunch.  I did this in about 25 minutes just because my pup was in my face and jumping on me every other movement or so and she just couldn’t figure out what I was doing down on her level haha.  She is way to cute to put in her kennel so I just dealt with it until she left me alone.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Make a morning ritual……. well I kind of already do that in a way but I am in need of a revamp.  Meditation is something I need to do and I enjoyed this morning to just sit and focus on nothing it was nice! I also just sat with a cup of hot green tea and enjoyed the piece and quiet.  I even had time to read for a couple minutes this morning.   Todays ritual was a little longer than normal because I didn’t have anything this morning to make me rush through everything but usually I wake up early catch up on my favorite blogs, and read some of my current books while enjoying tea and some breakfast. I like to sit and enjoy breakfast every morning no matter how early or late that may be because it helps me focus and organize my day.  I am not one to drive and eat or drink my breakfast. ME time is for ME and mornings are my favorite time to sit and do something for me.  I would like to focus more on maybe doing more meditation and reading a daily devotional or something special like that.   MAYBE even add a quick yoga routine in the morning too! Who knows I may just get creative with it.

BE FABULOUS ChallengeSoak in some sunshine……well today I did get two mile long walks with the dog however, today was about the only day the sun didn’t come out in Colorado haha so hopefully I can soak up some sunshine tomorrow when I go for a run or something on the trails behind my house on the mountain.  We will see!

Bombshell Bonus: Sport SPF, Rain or Shine…….I always make sure I am wearing my SWEAT cosmetics SPF powder foundation. I love love love it! its waterproof, sweat proof and stays put during all my workouts! I am really excited to order more and get the bronzer and illuminator that they just came out with!  You can purchase SWEAT online at           or online at Sephora.


as you can see I like to take it with me wherever my adventures take me. I highly recommend this product for the active female!

Also being outside its good to have a nice pair of sunnies to project those beautiful eyeballs of yours. I recommend Oakley athletic shades I have several different pairs.  Just make sure they stay on your face when running etc. I like to have mine polarized too but that is not always necessary I’m just picky.

Well thats all for today I hope you all had a wonderful hump day!


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