Thursday Day 4: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous

Today was a little tough on me.  I had to drop my little girl Lulu off to get all fixed up.  I just got home from picking her up and she was so groggy and wobbly.  The poor baby recognized me, perked her little ears up, and tried to wag her tail, it was just too much. I dropped her off pretty early this morning and didn’t get a chance to take her on her walk that she loves in the mornings.   Now I get to play nurse while she is recovering from her surgery.

On a higher note, I came home from dropping her off and got my morning  bootycall in.

Word of the dayPositive

Todays mantra: I choose to see the good in myself and everything around me.

Todays BOOTYCALL: Amazing Abs and Arms….. I really enjoyed this nice change of pace from my usual long walk with my girl.

BE FIT Daily Fitness Challenge: Sweet and Spicy Strength Training….. this is the same workout as day one.  I was excited to do it again because I really liked it a lot.  I did same weight 8lbs and 3 sets of 12-14 reps of each movement.  Even though I am used to working with much heavier weights and going to a gym it has been nice to slow things down and do something from home.   It was good today because I could watch Lulu while she slept and make sure she didn’t lick her incision because she is a trickster and can take off her E-collar AKA the cone of shame.

Fab Food of the Day: Lemon ………………. I’ll tell you what, I love love love lemon in everything I drink.  Usually I have a better day when I am drinking something with lemon because yellow is just a happy bright positive color and todays word of the day is POSITIVE!  I love that lemons help with bloating, detoxing the liver, and keeping my body balanced.

BOMBSHELL BONUS: Roll away soreness……….. lets just say me and my foam roller have had an ongoing relationship for a long time now.  It is my best friend when I come home from squat day or any day really.  It just feels good!

BE FIERCE: Nix the Negativity………………This is something I truly have a hard time with.  I am extremely hard on myself.  I have always had certain expectations for myself and if I don’t meet them I am just plain mean to myself. I think that there isn’t a woman on the planet that hasn’t had at least one negative thought about herself.  And if you are the one woman out there who hasn’t, then well you are a lucky lucky girl.  Everyone is fabulous in their own way.  We just need to stop being so hard on ourselves and stop trying to live up to other peoples expectations.   Today I challenged myself.  I didn’t say or think one bad thing about myself and it felt good!  I am making it a personal goal of mine to rid myself of negative self talk.  Especially  because I have nothing negative to complain about in the first place.

BE FABULOUS: Pass along the positive………………the mission is to give each person you are in contact with a compliment. EVERYONE!     Well I did it!   I wasn’t in contact with many people but I went to drop my dog off and I complimented the front desk lady Who’s name was Liz on her nails, they were a really pretty shade for fall and I just loved the color.  I also went to Kriser’s Natural Pet Store today.  I had never been but I thought I would stop in and see what they had to offer.  I and met the most joyful young ladies working there, who were so eager to help me pick out something special to give my little Lulu after her surgery.  I couldn’t help but say I really appreciated their caring and kindness and that I would definitely be back again soon.  Sometimes when I am just having a great day, I go out of my way to make someones day a little brighter because everyone deserves a nice gesture or a compliment every once and while. Who knows you might just make their day!

Happy Friday Eve!



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