Saturday Day 6: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Whew I should have started writing this, this AM because it is getting late and I was busy working on my parents kitchen with the BF trying to remodel it for them.  Any who. Day 6!!!!! I managed to get in a bootycall and workout today!

Word of the day: Grateful

Todays Mantra: I am so blessed…….. I truly am! I have a wonderful life and I am so grateful for each day!

BOOTYCALL: Booty shorts!……………….. Oooooo lala girls, get out those spandex and workit!  I loved this quick and easy, morning booty workout.

BE FIT Challenge: Cardio: Go,Go, Goddess!………………………I rushed home from my parents house, put on some running clothes, and ran out the door!  I ran two miles and did a little cool down walk too.  If you know me, I don’t really like to run but tonight it actually felt good and the fall wind was blowing cool crisp air and it felt great!

Fab Food of the Day: Black Beans………. “beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot. The more you toot the better you’ll feel, so eat your beans at every meal!” HAHAHAHAHA that little song pops into my head every time I think about beans.  These little bad boys are packed with fiber and protein!  Rich in flavonoids and folic acid they protect skin and keep your hair strong.      Well I am not much of a bean eatter myself, because I eat primarily paleo.  BUT the man loves his beans, and I suffer for it each time I serve them to him too! ICK! HAHA anyway they can be a great filler and keep you fuller longer, zapping those hunger cravings goodbye.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Take the sunset challenge…………………..Tonight I must write down at least three things from my day today that I am grateful for.

Started my day with a warm cup of green tea, a little meditation and my pup outside enjoying the morning sun, I finished helping my parents redo some of their kitchen which they loved the help and, my puppy is finally feeling so much better after her surgery on Thursday and I am so happy she is almost back to her spunky little self.

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Celebrate a Fab Friendship……………Well unfortunately my girls were busy tonight so I have been texting them all day catching up! However, I can celebrate my friendship with my sweet BF Corbin tonight. We got a redbox movie (Batman vs superman) and we can enjoy hanging out! Actually, come to think of it, this weekend is the weekend we met 5 years ago! Crazy how that works!   I will have to see if one of the girls can have a girl date with me tomorrow!

Well…. its late and I want to get to snuggles and movie time with the man!

-Cheers 🙂



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