Friday Day 12: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous

Wow this weekend has been a whirl wind of family fun! I am so sorry I didn’t get to post Friday and Saturday But I promise I will get all caught up before Monday!

Okay so Friday,………….

Word of the day: Reflective 

Todays Mantra: All I need to know comes from within.

Morning booty call: I didn’t get one in this morning because I had an early hair appointment but I did get my daily walk with Lulu later on in the day.

BE FIT Challenge: Cardio:  Summertime Sizzle.……………….since I now have a gym membership to 24 and access to a treadmill this cardio interval was awesome! I really enjoyed how it pushed me to sprint even when I didnt want to.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Rewind to move forward………………………Journal these questions.

  1. How do I feel in my body today?………….I am enjoying my days more because I have something each day to look forward to.  I look at myself and I am proud because I am doing something for me. I feel confident and happy about how I feel in my body.
  2. What improvements have I seen in how I look and feel?…………..I feel lighter, less bloated, more energized, I see that I am slimming down even more which is awesome! I see that my legs are getting leaner from all the cardio and I feel overall great about the progress.
  3. What is most on my mind today?  What am I feeling?……………..I think the thing that is most on my mind today is the fact that its my birthday tomorrow and we are going to have a nice time together as a family. I am feeling blessed and thankful to have such a loving family.
  4. How has the way I think and feel about myself changed since day one?…………Well I feel more motivated and I feel better about myself, I know that I am working towards a better me and I think at day one I was feeling a bit upset that I had taken such a long break from heavy lifting in the gym.  Even though I have stayed active I always feel great after a heavy leg day!
  5. Which of the BE FIT, BE FIERCE, BE FABULOUS challenges did I like the most? ………….I liked the wear a new outfit and the wear some lipstick one. I also liked the summertime sizzle workout a lot.
  6. What are my biggest triumphs so far on this program?………………. I would say consistency in writing my blog and sticking to a book each day! I am inspired by all the awesome stuff I read and see online and in the book.
  7. What was most challenging for me?………………….. making the recipes,  I have a hard time making them because I don’t have all the ingredients or it does not sound like something I would eat, like tofu! YUCK!   I am a great paleo cook and I stick to that and what I know!
  8. How can I overcome that challenge?………… read recipe and add to my grocery list for that week in advance.  Not day to day.
  9. What do I want most to happen next?…………….I want to get a little more leaner and a little more toned and gain even more strength.  I would like to stick to my regiman of blogging each day( ahahah except for my bday weekend) oops!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Get a Little Bubble Therapy!…………….. Every mermaid deserves a hot bath!    I used my favorite all natural hand made Bubble Bar scented Yoga Sunrise, from a local store in town called Salus Body Care! I love them and I also used a muscle tension and relief Epsom salt bath soak added to the bubble bath to soothe sore muscles and ease away tension and stress.


Fab Food Of the Day:  Hemp Seeds………….. Protein packed hemp seeds are great for putting on your salads our soups and have amazing properties that help with skin, nails and hair!  I added these to my grocery list this week and I am going to make the hemp seed salad!

Okay now on to saturday!



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