Saturday Day 13: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

Hello all!             HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  images.jpeg

Hahaha anyway! I had an awesome day my I indulged a little and enjoyed myself! We went to this wonderful breakfast place called the Silver Grill in town and we had a large cinnamon roll to share, I also got a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice! YUM, I had eggs and ham and some water and it was a great breakfast! We then hung out at my place and my family came over and my bestie Rachael and we had burgers and homemade salsa and green Chili!     My mother was so sweet and got me a diffuser and a bunch of essential oils from doTerra and a Essential oils book! Corbins mom got me a lovely genuine wool scarf from Edinburgh Scotland and it is gorgeous! She also got me a mandolin! Yippe! sweet Potato fries here we come! Then me, my mom, Rachael, and Corbin all went to the CSU vs UW football game and had loads of fun as Alumni! My mother brought  Halo Top Birthday Cake Icecream and a delish carrot cake! Yummy!

Word of the Day: Light 

Todays Mantra: I am free, clear, and light. 

Morning Bootycall:  Morning walk with Lulu before the family woke up!

BE FIT Challenge: Shred and Shine……………. I will confess I am doing this one on Sunday.   Today is my active rest day instead.

BE FIERCE Challenge:  Declutter your life to declutter your mind.…………..I ended up doing this on thursday before the family came over I even made a box of things to donate! I cleared out bathroom cabinets I cleared out some shoes and some old clothes, I even cleared out my desk and crafting table!

BE FABULOUS Challenge: Exfoliate for extra glow!………………….I do not have coffee at my house so I couldn’t do this one but I have my own exfoliator and I used it on face and body! I am also putting a dry brush on my list of things to buy next at Ulta!

Here are a few pictures from my birthday! IMG_1130.JPG



Okay now on to sunday!





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