Friday Day 19: Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous!

TGIF! Am I right? whew that was a longgggggg week!

Todays Word of the Day: Joyful

Todays Mantra: Head up, Shoulders back, Heart Open.

Morning Bootycall: A very foggy walk at 6:30am with Lulu, it was creepy and freezing!

BE FIT Challenge: Cardio: Fly me to the moon……………..I went back to 24hour and got back on the bike, I can control the resistance and use the RPM’s to kind of gauge how much intensity I am doing.  I then proceded to do another leg and booty day and did my own workout out.

BE FIERCE Challenge: Sing your heart out…………………..I was singing while I was doing my cardio workout today, and I sing in the car all day erryday cause its just fun! I love playing name that tune too!

BE Fabulous Challenge: Make your home a happy haven……………………..I love the color purple and grey so I try and incorporate those colors all over my home.  I recently just got essential oils and just started using them! OMG what a great and uplifting way to make your house smell good with out using toxic candles or sprays. I am big on photos and scrapbooking so whenever I get a great photo I have to frame it immediately because I hang them up everywhere! I am very into refinishing furniture it is a hobby of mine and I love making things look vintage and old even if it is old I give it an older farmhouse look.  I love the creams, beiges and off whites, I cant get enough of them! To me for my home to feel like a haven, I have to have photos and decor that I typically make for that season, I have to have some sort of smelly good and everythign has to be matchy.  I dont like clutter so cleanliness is a must.  Here is a couple photos of my fall arrangements that I made last year. I absolutley love them! This is also my collage wall and some of my vintage furniture that I have made or refinished myself. IMG_5261.JPG



Fab Food Of the Day: Cacao (aka chocolate) full of antioxidants, chocolate can make you feel good! Raw cacao is even better to get the full benefits of this amazing superfood.

And because I went to Ross today to look for some Stance socks because my sock game is always on point! I saw this little shirt for Lulu and i could not resist! It is just too cute!



Have a great night y’all and dont forget to set your alarms for your morning workout!



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