Setting yourself up for Success in the new year!


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Many people start their year off saying “new year, new me” but why does it have to be just for a year? Why can’t it be ongoing and for life?   Too many people view diet and exercise as a punishment or a form of becoming a better person. When really it should be treated as a lifestyle change that you continue with forever.  Most people have such a hard time sticking to an exercise program that by the time Feburary and March roll around they have stopped all together.   This year it is time to break that cycle and push past the excuses and just get moving. 

Today I want to share with you a few things that have helped me stay consistent and stick with exercise over the years.  Are there days I don’t want to work out? Absolutely yes! and are there days where I count a super long walk with my dog as a workout yes! I do my best to listen to what my body has to tell me and I have found that I am so much more happier, I sleep better, and I wake up each day knowing that it’ll be a great day!

  1. Stop viewing exercise as weight loss or punishment- as a female we have all worried about what the scale says at some point in our lives.  Once I stopped worrying about how much I weighed and just decided I wanted to keep myself healthy and happier long term, I actually lost weight and felt better than ever!
    •  These 3 things kicked this #1 step off –
      • I stopped obsessing over mirrors. I simply look in the mirror, gave myself a compliment and move on. Bad self- talk is something that I used to struggle with.  We are all beautiful in our own special way and we have got to own each and every beautiful curve, dimple, and pimple that we have.  We only get one body and we must learn to accept who we are for who we are. 
      • I don’t own a scale and I never check my weight.  Unless I am at the doctors. 
      • I stayed away from caring what my pant size was and started focusing on how I felt in my clothing rather than what was on the tag.  These days I could have everything from an XL to an XXS in my closet because of all the different sizing companies use.  
      • Enjoy yourself and everything in Moderation- Just because you had a delish dinner the night before doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up and do 3 hours of cardio to burn it all off.  One meal is not going to make or break you.
  2. Find a workout you actually enjoy – This is so incredibly important. If you don’t like the work out you’re doing daily, you’re not going to stick with it, simple as that.
    • Be open to try different workouts – Just because you don’t enjoy one type of workout doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy another. Everyone gets uncomforatble outside of their comfort zone.  Mix it up, get outside your comfort zone, and do something that intimidates you because that is what will keep you going day after day, year after year. If it is something you like and or really enjoy you WILL find time for it in your day no matter how crazy of a schedule you might have.
      • CrossFit, Swimming, HIIT, Olympic Lifting, Orange Theory, Zumba, Barre, Boxing, Strength Training, Personal Trainer, Pilates, Versa Climber, Running, Yoga, Spinning, Swimming, Pool Aerobics, Gymnastics, Trail Running, Mountain Biking,Kickboxing, Hiking, Skiing, or whatever else is in your area!
    • Give yourself proper sleep and allow rest days – Exercise is incredibly important, but if you don’t give yourself adequate rest, you may injure yourself AND you won’t get results from your hard work. Exercise breaks down the muscles, rest builds them back up.  Don’t beat yourself up about taking that one extra day of rest.  Just pick back up the next day with a fresh start. I find that the more consistent I am with my bed time and my wake time I have more energy and I feel the most rested.
      • Rest = results.Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 3.53.38 PM.png
  3. Make exercise part of your to-do list
    • If you are a person who writes out a list for your day, put your workout on that schedule. Make sure to fit it in with whatever you have planned that day so it’s not forgotten about or overlooked.  I am a list maker I have a list for everything and if isnt on the list it doesn’t happen I have too much going on to remember everything and my lists keep me on track.  Plus the satisfaction of marking off my list after completed tasks makes me feel so good!
    • If you are NOT a person who usually writes out your schedule, maybe it’s time to make that a priority.  People who tend to make to-do lists normally stick with those plans. Plan out your day, plan out your workout, and be learn to be successful day after day.
      • There are tons of scheduling/ planning programs out there like Asana, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCloud Calendar, Trello, or just a handy dandy Notes app.   Or if you are like me I like my oldschool giant paper planner that I can write everything in by hand.  When I write it out I tend to remember things alot better.  Whatever it is, find something that works for you and stick to it!  Staying organized is a part of having a sucessful day.

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These three simple steps have certainly helped change my life for the better! And because of these steps, I’ve stuck with my exercise goals day after day, week after week, and year after year. It’s part of my routine and it’s now something that brings me such joy, even on my worst days. YOU JUST GOTTA DO IT! No matter how much you feel like you dont want to go some days, I PROMISE you will never leave the gym saying “I wish I didn’t go work out today.”  I know the gym will always bring a smile to my face, whether it’s because of the endorphins from the exercise or the people I surround myself with. Exercise is amazing and it really should be a positive part of your life. And it can be. It may take a little work at first, but you’ll be amazed how much exercise can change your life for the better. So let’s make 2019 your year together. Try these simple steps every day and remember that exercise WILL change your life for the better. You got this!!

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