MAY 2021 Favorites

Oh happy May! This month we did a ton of mountain biking. It was also Corbins birthday month and mothers day but sadly we didn’t end up doing anything for either. Once the warm weather hits we are always trying to go on some new adventure. Yes, we do that during the winter too but the last few years we tend to hibernate more in the colder months. Or maybe we are just becoming wimps who knows?! We have some wonderful trips coming up this summer and I am excited for all the fun things we have planned! That also means shopping for cute clothes for trips, am I right or am I right!?

living on river time

The Royal Gorge: If you have ever had the chance to visit the Royal Gorge in Colorado you should totally check it out. There is some stunning views and one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. Its almost like a mini grand canyon. I walked across it when I was a little girl and the only way my grandmother got me to cross was to hold my hand and walk me down the center with my eyes closed the whole time. I still to this day remember the bridge swaying and moving under my feet. It was terrifying so if you are afraid of heights its a little intense. I probably wont walk across it ever again but I do love going to the canyon. My husband and I actually rode this trail on our mountain bikes that actually rides along the canyon rim. It was a breathtaking ride and we didn’t see anyone on the trail which made it even better.

For Memorial Day we went down to my in-laws house in Pagosa Springs CO. We had a graduation party to attend and met up with some friends for a mountain biking trip! It was a blast!

Now for part you really read this blog for. The goods, the fun part, My Favorites. These are items that I have purchased or used recently and have loved! My top 5 Favorites can be anything and everything and I do not get paid to link these items or talk about them at all. If you ever get something from my favorites page I would love to know and would love it if you tagged me too!

  • 1. Lip Sleeping Mask: Alright, I am a little late to the game on this one. Bloggers everywhere have been talking about this one for ages but I have just recently become a true fan of this stuff. It has easily become part of my evening ritual before I go to bed. Laneige has several different scent/flavors but I stuck with the original berry. I think next time I might try the gummy bear flavor just cause I love gummy bears haha. It truly does help with the extreme dryness that we have here in Colorado and I wake up with Plump and moisturized lips. It is also supposed to help with fine lines because it has hyaluronic acid and Vit C infused in it.
  • 2. Katie Kime Fabric: Many of my readers might know this already but I do a lot of needle pointing. I stitch all the time. Well I made this awesome canvas that I wanted to have made into a pillow and I needed to find the perfect fabric for it. Katie Kime is a Austin based designer where all her artwork is turned into textiles and goods. I’ve made several purchases from her and love the funky, fun prints she creates. This Aspen Toile fabric was a perfect fit for my Wolf Creek Chalet Canvas and I can not wait to have it finished into a pillow! I also recently ordered another one of her print fabrics for another pillow project that I am working on. They are going to be so amazing I simply can’t wait to have them all done!
Apres Ski Toile
  • 3. Marc Jacobs Fine-liner: Are you an eyeliner or a mascara girl or a combo of both? For years I did both. Heavy thick black lines all the way around my eyes and thick clumpy eyelashes. What was I thinking? Then I started only wearing dark eyeliner on the top with mascara which sometimes I still do. Especially if I’m going out to dinner or something. However, something I learned a few years back is to actually use a really light pink or white high liner to line your water line on the bottom half of your eyes. Some beauty guru I adore suggested that it opens up the eyes and brightens them up and it truly does! So now my daily look is typically a very light pink high liner on the bottom and just eye shadow and mascara on top. I love the look it creates for almost doll like eyes. The color I like to use is Pinky Swear, it’s such a pretty creamy powder pink and makes those eyes just POP!
  • 4. FrameBridge: I am a big fan of displaying art work and photos in my home. Whats the point of taking photos or creating something without showing it off. The most important thing is that you are able to treasure and enjoy memories and heirlooms for years to come. I recently decided to get one of my needlepoint projects framed by an online company called FrameBridge. They can literally frame just about anything. I was so nervous to ship off my hard work in the mail but the process was simple and the tracking was nice to see. I literally printed a label at home dropped it off at UPS the next day and I think I got my project back about a week and a half later. There are so many choices for frames and mats and you can customize everything. FrameBridge even offers design consulting if you have no idea what to do. I chose of course the gold bamboo frame with a standard white mat. It matches and goes so nicely with everything that I have in my home and I was blown away at the quality when I opened my package. I am promptly shipping another project out to them soon! I have several needlepoint projects that I want framed and I personally think its way easier than trying to find time to go to a frame shop. When framing needlework you want to select “jerseys and textiles” I had mine matted normally because I did not want the canvas to sit on top of the mat. But you can most certainly have it floating on top too. The possibilities are just endless and its so easy to do from the comfort of your home.
Mandalay Gold Frame
  • 5. Running belt: If you like to run and have your phone on you this running belt is the literal best. I have tried multiple others that either don’t fit your phone, or bounce around too much and this one doesn’t do that at all. I have a huge iPhone and mine fits perfectly in this. It also has compartments for goo or snacks or whatever you want to put in it and a key holder too! I like that it included small reflective details in a few places that are actually really bright.
Fast and Free Run Belt

I hope the month ahead of you is looking bright and that you are all getting back out into the world and living life. I have so many fun things planned for this summer and I am beyond excited to enjoy traveling again. If you ever end up getting anything from my favorites list, I would love it if you tagged me so I can see all you wonderful people enjoying some of the things that I enjoy too!

Another day another nap dress! I think I have a serious problem haha

Well folks thats all for today!


Shayla 🙂

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