OCTOBER 2021 Favorites

Its the most wonderful time of the year! My birthday month! I like to celebrate all month long because my birthday is the 1st of Oct and why not celebrate everyday!

For my birthday this month I had my parents and in-laws come to my place for a weekend visit. We had reservations at this historic ranch called Juniper Valley Ranch for dinner. It is a family style fried chicken dinner that is absolutely delicious! I felt like we flashed back in time 60 years and had dinner on the farm. I loved everything about it and would highly recommend it for a fun and traditional family dinner. It really made my birthday special having them both their to celebrate with us!

We also ended up visiting the Manitou CO Cliff dwellings which is just a short drive from our home to find unique native homes made into the cliff sides. You can walk in and around them and get a good idea of how the people made homes out of the rocks in the mountain. It is truly amazing to see how far we have come but also how the architecture has withstood the test of time.

Now onto the goodies my favorites for the month of October! Let me know what you think if you end up getting anything because I would love to know your thoughts too! Enjoy!

1. ON Running shoes: I have had my eye on a new pair of cross training shoes for a while. I told myself no new gym shoes until all of my previous ones wore out. Well my friends that time has come and I discovered the ON Cloud X shoes. They are a hybrid of a training shoe and a running shoe made for stability and short runs. The first day I put them on my feet I ran an effortless mile that was like floating “ON Clouds” no pun intended. I will most certainly be ordering the trail version of the shoe as well. Oh and be sure to get sized properly, you should have a full thumb width from your toes to the top of the shoe for a good running fit. Otherwise your feet will swell while running and smash up against the toe box. No Bueno. I go up almost a half size in these and a full size in the trail shoes which are a tighter fit.

2. Exercise Bands: Everyone needs a pair of exercise bands at home. Especially for when we aren’t able to make it to the gym or need a easy portable way to work out. These are lightweight and take up virtually no space. Great for pull up assistance to stretching and upper body warm ups I highly recommend having these as part of your at home gym routine.

3. Sweatshirt: A company I have been really diggin lately is Varley they have outstanding quality and simple yet chic designs. My hubby got me the “IT” sweatshirt of the season, for my birthday, in a charcoal grey color which I love! The huge zip up collar adds a touch of style to an ordinary pull over sweatshirt. The texture is ribbed and it is a heavyweight material which is very warm yet comfy. If you bought one sweatshirt this winter this would be my choice. It immediately elevates any gym/athleisure attire you are wearing. I got a size small which is oversized for a more slouchy look.

4. Quilt Coat: Designed after the fashionable 1950s era bed coat, this quilt coat is the perfect statement to any look. The bed coat as you can imagine was designed to wear in bed propped up reading a book or lounging the day away drinking tea and eating delightful scones while being pampered. They typically were shorter in length and often times quilted satin. This version of the Quilted coat is slightly oversized in order to be able to wear over sweaters or dresses and take to the streets, it is indeed quilted satin and has adorable jeweled buttons and even allows a detachable faux fur collar. I ordered this coat thinking it would be perfect as a light weight jacket to wear with dressier outfits. I bought it thinking that In order to achieve some other lifestyle than that of which I am living I felt like this coat would allow me a sort of glam or elegance that I long for while living in a rugged outdoor town.

5. Siete Dip Chips: In our household we love chips and salsa. I try to do grain free the majority of the time so these grain free chips are great for eating all the salsa with. They are a little thicker and heavy duty compared to this brands normal chip so they are great for lots and lots of guac! I Love everything that Siete releases! You would never know that they weren’t real chips if I did not tell you because thats how good they are!

I hope you all enjoy and I can’t wait to share next months goodies!



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