March 2022 Favorites

4 Years of marriage sure has flown by like a blink of an eye and I feel like it only gets faster and faster. This year we decided to go on a trip for our anniversary back to Florida. We had our honeymoon in Miami and decided we wanted to try Fort Lauderdale this time.

Since our anniversary will always and forever fall in the spring break time of year we decided to go a week before our anniversary to try and beat the crowds. We had a very pleasant trip to Fort Lauderdale eating charcuterie boards everyday on the beach and having lavish fancy dinners out on the water front each night. We decided ahead of time we were not going to worry about trying to fill time with activities but rather focus on relaxation and not caring about the time or what to do but eat and chill. It was a much needed trip because we had not gone on a trip together just the two of us since our honeymoon 4 years ago.

I wanted to share this cute recipe for something called Bunny Bait that I made for my stitch club group girls. Now I made it actually the week before Easter however, I wanted to share this before Easter rolled around for you just in case you cared to make it. However I didn’t get to finish this post before Easter so sorry bout that haha. I found it to be super cute and the ladies loved the little treat.

Bunny Bait Recipe: 1- bag of rainbow bunny marshmallows, 2 -bags of target bunny bait trail mix, 1 -bag of easter M&Ms, you could add yogurt pretzels too. I used cute little printable gift tags from a custom stationary artist I love and voila! You have a Easter treat to share!

Bunny Bait

So each month I really try hard to share things that are unique and useful or just plain awesome sauce so here ya go! My March Monthly Favorites!

Easter Candy Dish: I recently discovered another pottery shop called For Petes Sake Pottery. She has the most darling seasonal and classic staple items for the home and I couldn’t pass up this bunny candy dish in light pale pink. I don’t really have any Easter decor so I thought this year I would get a few items that were small and meaningful to me. That is always supporting small made in the USA women owned businesses. I love my little bunny dish perfect for jelly beans or chocolates and can be displayed anywhere in the home. I can’t wait to get other pieces for upcoming holidays!

Easter Banner: Okay now be still my grand millennial heart. These Staffordshire Bunnies make for the perfect addition to my entry table and It brings a smile to my face every time I walk by. Again, Lemon House Designs is a small women owned business and all of her items are hand made with so much love and detail. I have my eye on a cute fiesta banner next! Oh she makes all sorts of items made of felt too so be sure to check her out.

Free People Shorts: I believe these are the TikTok shirts but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never had TikTok. However, I will say these really suck it all in and slim you down and the high waist is really comfy. The only downfall is that my husband said I looked like a tweeny bopper which I am most definitely not but hey who doesn’t want to be forever young?! Am I right ? Super cute super comfy and super trendy.

HRH Thoughts On Royal Style Book: I like to collect interesting coffee table books that serve as decor as well as something to look at. I am always fascinated with royalty and their lives so naturally I bought a book on royal fashion over the different generations. HRH (Her Royal Highness) first caught my attention because of the beautiful color it is bound in. The light baby blue adds a pop of color to your bookshelf or coffee table. I will say that I have only glanced at it since getting the book because I am a firm believer in finishing the books I currently am working on before starting another. It makes it easy on my brain to actually focus and absorb the information that I am reading about. For now this sits nicely on my entry table waiting for me to crack it open and read.

Lifestraw: Having a water filter device that you can take on the go in an emergency is always a good idea. The Lifestraw is so compact, light and easy to use. It is an easy way to clean water to drink. The best part is that for every lifestraw you purchase you actually provide a child in Kenya with clean drinking water for a whole year. I am a firm believer in being prepared and having a plan for everything. This is just a small easy way to be prepared for anything that comes your way. The world is an unknown place right now and its simple things like having Food Water Shelter and Heat that can help you in any situation.

Well friend that is all for this month! If you ever decided to get any of these amazing products please share with me I would love to hear it!

Have a fabulous spring!


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