APRIL 2022 Favorites

Spring time is finally here and it is in full swing! My flowers are blooming and the warm weather is here to stay for a while. Easter came and went, we had a little family get together at my parents house, I made my infamous healthy carrot cake and we had delicious leg of lamb.

Sadly I don’t really have much to report on this month so lets get down to the good stuff! Here are the top five favorites of the month!

1. K9 Sport Sack: okay hear me out a backpack to carry you dog on your back when they get tired from hiking! This thing is the most millennial and ridiculous thing I have ever purchased and I LOVE IT! Lulu actually loves it too! She chills on my back like she’s along for the ride and couldn’t care less. She likes to be held anyway so it makes it easy for her to hang out with me. This will be perfect because some hikes I end up carrying here in a lot of sections anyway and she gets pretty tired after a while. The best part is you can customize it! I had a patch made with her name on it and now I don’t have to tell everyone what her name is constantly, when they oooo and ahhh over her cuteness in the backpack.

2. Cook Dinner Once Fix: Cassy the author of this book is one of the sweetest most genuine human I’ve ever met! I own all of her cookbooks and have had the privilege to hang out with her when we lived in TX. I recently started creating some of the fabulous recipes from this book and what I love about it is that you make one dinner and then from the left overs you make something completely different! Isn’t that amazing! Time saving and money saving ways to eat is what I am all about and this book does just that. I highly recommend adding it to your cookbook collection!

3. J Marie Spring Dress: I have loved J Marie dresses and blouses for a few years now. They are a closet staple in TX and I just got this bright new color way for the spring this year. Orange and Pink! Each dress is hand embroidered and they even have pockets! So light and airy to wear everywhere from day to night. J. Marie won’t disappoint. I wear an XS and I would say they are TTS. Can’t wait to order a skirt to go with some new boots I bought too!

4. Hoo Hoops: the perfect lightweight hoops exist! I first saw my sister in law wearing these on a beach trip we went on and I knew I had to have them! Perfect for the beach and pool, these bad boys make a statement. I want a pair in every color now haha! Beware they are big, they are bad, and will make you feel like a bad mama jama!

5. Western Scarf: Last month I shared some cowboy toothpicks from my friends jewelry company. Marian TX – I ordered a bunch of other things from her company and I am totally in love! She made this scarf in honor of her hometown San Antonio and Fiesta Season! This scarf depicts all things San Antonio and is such a cute accessory to your western looks or even to a white t shirt. I added the concho scarf ring to top it off and it is adorable! Even my husband approved! I now own two of her scarf bandanas and love the extra flare they bring to my outfits.

Well friends thats all for this month. Just wait until you see what I have found next month! Happy Spring!

xo- Shayla

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