MAY 2022 Favorites

The time has come for another month of favorites brought to you by muah! Nothing too fancy to report here other than the good stuff so let’s get right down to it. 🙂

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Here are my monthly favorites for May! I hope you enjoy and May you have an awesome start to your summer!

HyperVolt 2 Pro : As a personal trainer you can imagine that I push my body beyond the limits daily. Ive been wanting to order one of these gadgets for a long time and my husband is always sore somewhere too so I decided to pull the trigger on this awesome therapy massage gun. I will say it is definitely an investment however, the body is your temple and you should take care of it. I freaking LOVE IT! I mean it relieves tension and soreness like it was not even there at all. There is even an app that you can choose which body part you feel needs worked on and it will run you through a fully timed and programmed massage gun routine for that area. So flippin’ cool! I wanted all the doo dads and the ability to have 5 speeds vs 3 and I love that it has a turn dial vs a button that you have to keep pressing like the other cheaper models. I highly recommend this if you are an active person and find your self tense, tight and or sore frequently. I also own the Hypersphere mini which is a vibrating mobility ball to get into those glutes too! Highly recommend that as well.

FreeBird Boot Heels: I must admit I have a shoe and dress problem real bad but you know what they say! One can never have to many shoes and if the shoe fits, buy it! I ventured into the Freebird Store at the Park Meadows mall in South Denver where I was drawn in by the most aromatic smell of leather. I immediately gravitated to the sandal/ heel boots where I picked out these bad ass heels for summer. They are truly a work of art and craftsmanship and I just ordered a pair of leather boots during their memorial day sale too! All shoes are handmade and each piece of the shoe is all 100% leather. They are totally worth the investment in my opinion. I would recommend however, that you try each pair on being that each shoe is handmade and that they only run in whole sizes, its best to test them out before investing. Some shoes you may size down while others you will need to size up in my experience. I am usually a true 6.5 and I ordered a 6 in these and they fit great!

Caftan: Lake Pajamas has done it again with their latest summer casual wear. I got this caftan in hopes of being able to travel for my 30th birthday this fall to somewhere tropical. I branched out of my comfort zone and ordered a sizzling hot red which I actually really like. The fabric is lightweight and soft, and also enough to wear day or night, poolside or to dinner. I find that the quality of Lake Pajamas is superb no matter what you order. Due to the nature of everything being cotton based, I would not recommend drying your items unless you want them to shrink. I order everything in an XS from Lake and wash cold and hang to dry.

Gucci Guilty Perfume: Every year I use my Ulta Platinum membership reward points to get a new bottle of perfume. Its a great way to save money on those expensive bottles you don’t really want to drop the dough on. Plus I love testing out different scents and this makes it not so bad when I only end up spending hardly anything on a pricey bottle of perfume. I purchased this one due to the fact that it’s major notes were lilac and patchouli, Its like a spring and summer day in a bottle! My husband is obsessed with the male version of Gucci guilty and so naturally I had to try out the female version.

Ultima Mocktini Electrolytes: I drink electrolytes every single day. When you sweat you need to replenish minerals and rehydrate your body. These flavors make a fun addition the the drink cabinet when I get tired of all the normal flavors. They taste great and leave you feeling refreshed while quenching that thirst.

Happy Summertime friends and I hope you enjoy some sunshine this week!

Until next month!


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