OCTOBER 2022 Favorites

My FAVORITE FAVS MONTH! My Birthday month! Where are all my Libra’s at? IMO Libras are just the best people ever! I actually recently took an Elements personality quiz to find out which Element I am and I found out I am Fire and Wood. If you have not taken one of those quiz’s before I think they are hilarious and almost spot on sometimes! You can find the link the to quiz I took here to find out what elements you most represent.

For my big 30th birthday this year my husband and I went to Santa Fe! I love love loved it! What an absolute beautiful old city. I cannot wait to go back! We stayed at The Hotel Santa Fe Hacienda and Spa which was beautiful and very close to downtown. There are a some amazing restaurants and too many jewelry stores to count. It was a great birthday and my husband spoiled me with a wonderful trip out of town. I could go on and on about our whole trip but that needs to be in a separate post if I’m going to go into that much detail.

I also ran a 5k with one of my clients who I challenged to run one and told her I’d do it with her as encouragement. It was so special to see her confidence throughout the race and It is exactly the reason why I do what I do. We got a whole crew from our gym to run it with us! We had a blast cheering each other on.

Here are Octobers favorites that made the cut this month!

Horse Embroidered Sweatshirt: I’ve been on quite a cowgirl kick lately with my style and I’m loving the variety it’s been adding to my closet. This cute pullover quilted crewneck sweatshirt is cozy and stylish with the quilted horse pattern on it in white stitching. I also love that it’s a cropped or hip length so it’s not long on my short little torso. I’ve been a long time fan of Ariat brand since I was a little girl and lately they have been crushing the western fashion game. I got my true size small and I would recommend if you want a more loose fit to size up from your normal size. Also if you haven’t checked out Boot Barn lately I suggest you do. Their marketing team and product lineup is on point. I have been blown away by Boot Barns photographer and all their marketing material this year.

Fringe Shawl: This is the statement accessory you’ve been looking for. This faux suede fringe shawl is a stunner when added to a dress or just jeans and blouse. I love how soft it is and it is husband approved which is rare for any of my accessories HAHA. I found this in Cowgirl Magazine and just had to have it solely for the purpose of trying to recreate that photo from the product image online. 🤪

Velvet Dress: I am a sucker for velvet lately and this dress is so soft and comfy. I wore it on thanksgiving and I think I will wear it for Christmas too! I added a western wild rag aka neck scarf and a scarf ring that my friend made from sterling silver for me and the silk and velvet combo was a win in my book. I really like the subtle silver brown look. Its very understated and gorgeous. I’ve slowly been adding more muted colors to my closet to add some variety from the constant bright colors. It’s been nice to mix it up.

Custom Pet Portrait Ornament: When I saw that there was a preorder back in September for these custom painted dog portrait ornaments I immediately jumped on the opportunity to snag one of Lulu. When I got my ornament about a month and a half later I was blown away at how sticking cute and how much it really looked just like Lulu. This will be something I treasure forever on my Christmas tree and it makes my heart so happy to have something to cherish for years to come.

Dog Bandana: So I am always looking for cute stuff for lulu obviously. I found this local girl here in CO Springs who makes these bandanas that slide onto their collars so you don’t have to tie them around their necks. She sells them on Etsy and in a few local stores here in CO and I just love how they lay flat on lulus fluffy neck. She makes lots of seasonal and just general puppy dog prints for everyday wear. I highly recommend trying one out for your furry friends. I got these halloween mint color and I got a fall plaid color. Now I need to order a Christmas print!

Hope y’all enjoy this months favorites! And please comment, like, tag, and share!

Talk to you soon!



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