SEPTEMBER 2022 Favorites

This months favorites are a little bit of everything. I hope you find my rambling on about randomness enjoyable.

As the leaves start turning and the weather starts to get cooler we tend to reach for our comfy cozy clothes and want to snuggle up on the couch by 7pm. I love sitting down with my favorite cup of lavender tea with honey and a needlepoint project while we watch a movie or TV show. Which is usually short lived since my husband falls asleep in 2 seconds the minute he sits down. I think it took us 4 nights, yes 4, to finish Hocus Pocus and he still probably napped through the times he looked awake! What a goober.

Anyway, on a side note I started working on leather work again, yeah like the cowboy saddle and belt type of leather work. I used to do it all the time growing up and even showed a few pieces in 4-H as a kid. I’ve taken a few classes and can’t wait to start some actual projects again. It is a very tedious craft and takes a steady hand to really get good. I plan on making my husband a few accessories for his knives and other stuff. I will share those with you when the time comes.

We also had our family photos done with my good friend Mikayla. I can’t share the pics just yet since I won’t until I mail out Christmas Cards but they turned out beautiful as always. This year we did a western theme that was the chef’s kiss to our location!

Now on to the goods you’ve been waiting for. Here are my top 5 favorites for the month of September. As always they can be anything and everything. I purchase these items myself and just love to share my loves with you!

Charlie Horse Hat: You all should know by now that my love for hats runs deep. I have a serious addiction to them and I am not sorry about it. I had been eyeballing this gorgeous black wool hat for a little while now and I pulled the trigger because I wanted to wear it in my Christmas card photos which btw turned out Amaze! Can’t wait to share those! Anyway Charlie Horse hats fit my head so well and are very well made at a good price point. I have worn this hat multiple times now and I just love the concho hat band it has around it! I would like to add a horse hair hat band to it too to give it some flair as well but I need to start looking on Etsy for one of those.

Fall Banner: I have been trying to collect a Lemon House Designs banner for each of the holiday seasons because my entry table is really the only area that I decorate for the seasons. This one was just too good to pass up! She is so creative and I love all the banners that I have bought from her! The best part is that they are reusable each year! Whatever spices your pumpkin is the perfect fall and halloween decor with chinoiserie pumpkins and all. I can’t wait to see the other goodies she comes up with for Christmas!

Ghost Ceramic: Again, just like the banners I have tried to pick a festive ceramic piece from For Petes Sake Pottery for my entry table to spruce it up. Her pieces of art are so unique and different than anything else I’ve seen. I could not pass up the adorable ghost lantern that you can put a tea light in. I bought these tea lights from amazon that come with a remote so its easy to turn on and off.

Etsy Oil Roller: I had a friend who shared these roller ball blends with me and she got me hooked on them. They smell amazing and have crushed crystals in them too! I think that the blends are so unique and well done. They are strong and have a long lasting smell that lingers longer than other roller balls. I love that they have colors too which make them very pretty! I am a user of Doterra Essential oils and that is what she uses to make her blends. The Doterra oils are the highest of quality which is good since you are wearing this on your skin. The one thing that bothers me is that you have to wait for the 1st of the month every month to order and then she closes orders. Apparently she sells out very very quickly. Which means people love them. They are a little pricey and take a couple weeks to get them in the mail but well worth the patience in my opinion!

Pink Lululemon Crop: I am loving the tighter fitting gym clothing lately just because they actually show you have a figure and I think that these tanks are so flattering to wear. They are not too cropped where your whole belly is showing and they are reversible so you can wear them with a higher neck or a v-neck which is nice depending on the workout. I am never disappointed with any of my Lulu purchases and this one is one I will get in multiple colors!

Well friends as always it was a pleasure sharing my favorites with you I hope to see you back next month for more goodies!



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