November 2022 Favorites

We headed down to visit the fambam in Texas for the Thanksgiving weekend. It was so good to see everyone and visit my niece and nephew who I have not seen in a long while. I miss them so so much after seeing them all the time. Living next door to them it was a hard transition to not getting to see them as often. I loved getting to go to all the sports events and activities with them. Being the cool auntie is so much fun! The majority of my husbands family lives all over Texas and so it’s always a big todo when we can all get together under one roof. It was great to catch up with all his cousins and to see their kiddos too!

I keep telling my husband we are going to end up back in TX but he does not seem to think so. However, I am always a freezing popsicle and absolutely hate being cold. I live in the wrong state for that but I do love my Rocky Mountains! I guess I can comprise being cold for having so many fun outdoor activities year round.

At the end of the trip we got to have a quick visit with our close friends who are in Fort Worth where we got to enjoy Christmas time at the Stockyards which was so beautiful! We enjoyed some lovely drinks at the always gorgeous Hotel Drover, while sitting around a nice warm fire and enjoying the Christmas lights. It was so good to catch up with them and to go out for an evening 🙂

Okay enough of me blabbing. Here are my favorite picks for the month! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

1.Western Belt: I recently discovered Esquivas a small company that makes handmade leather boots and belts. I fell in love with their unisex black belt with gold horseshoe buckle. It is the perfect belt to dress up a western outfit while giving it some class and sass. I call it my western Gucci Belt. The craftsmanship is very well made and it comes in a beautiful embroidered dust bag to keep it clean. I plan on ordered some of their boots in the new year because they are so unique and Im always down for a new pair of boots. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of the when I get them!

2.Retro Rifle Shirt: This summer my husband discovered this brand Retro Rifle. They make mens shirts with hilarious prints that have rifles, hand guns, or some sort of weapons hidden on them as part of the print on the shirt. They are bright and flashy in every way, which is why my husband loves them. They release a new shirt every Friday online but you can also find them in Scheels retail stores too. I ordered him the most obnoxiously bright orange thanksgiving shirt with turkeys, hunting rifles, carving forks and knives on it. He LOVES IT! He now owns like three or four of their shirts and he probably will get more because he is a creature of habit and once he finds something he likes he buys all the colors. If you have a man who loves goofy shirts these are great quality and tech material so they stretch and breath too. Perfect for the beach, pool party, or just going out and about.

3. Silk Wild Rag: A silk scarf is a very sophisticated and timeless accessory that can be added to almost any outfit. I wanted this one to wear with my gorgeous mocha colored velvet dress I got last month to wear on Thanksgiving. It turned out to be the icing on the cake to elevate the look I was going for. It is 100% silk and has the most beautiful color scheme with a cowgirl on a horse in a desert.

4. Cowgirl Skirt: I found this online boutique which is based out of Fort Collins, CO my home town, its called Cactus Cowgirl. She designed her own skirt, blazer and blouse for her shop and I immediately set an alarm to order this skirt right when it came out. It is great quality and so gorgeous! I ordered my normal size small and I am anxious to style it!

5. Tres Melinda’s Necklace: My husband and I went to a vintage market right before thanksgiving and we found the Tres Melindas Booth. You might recognize the name because she is featured in Cowboys and Indians magazine quite often. She casts vintage pieces from her grandfathers barn in pewter and makes very chic chunky western jewelry. I got the honors to pick out my pendant and beads and had The Malinda hand put together my necklace for me! I loved hearing the stories behind each and every piece that she offers. The piece that I chose turned out to be a piece of metal that came off of some civil war horse tack. Probably from the bridal piece from the research that I’ve done. I love that it is completely unlike anything else I have.

Well I have some exciting news to announce next month so stay tuned to find out the surprise coming Dec 2022!

Have a great month friends!



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