December 2022 Favorites

We got ourselves a puppy for Christmas! Yes, another little mini husky also known as an Alaskan Klee Kai. She is a red and white female and we picked her up a week before Christmas. Her name is Kenai which is the name of the Peninsula in Alaska as well as a River. We have fished that river many times and the water is just a stunning glacier blue because it is all glacier water. Corbin, my husband thought her eyes looked like a glacier blue and so Kenai it was! She is so sweet and a handful all at once and her big sister loves her which we were really surprised. I think it was just what Lulu needed to get a little pep back in her step.

Kenai has really adapted well into our home and we are so excited to train her, so far at 3months old she can sit, come, lay down and almost roll over. She is fully potty trained and crate trained, she even takes naps in her crate. This breed is so darn smart and its part of the reason why I wanted another one to begin with. They are loyal, talkative, smart, playful, energetic but also love to nap and snuggle. I have been thinking that after she’s grown that maybe next year we will start agility. There is a trainer here in the Springs that I would love to work and compete with.

This Christmas we had a house full at my parents place, but it was the first time in years we have all been together for Christmas in a long long time. It’s always an a big event for every meal and its very entertaining when you have so many people with different views and opinions under one roof. I loved that I was able to see everyone and we had a great Christmas overall. This year we all bought our parents an Aura Digital Frame. They absolutely loved it and I can not recommend one more as a gift for your family. It has unlimited data storage as well as an app that every family member can add photos at any time. You can make albums and change setting etc. It even plays short videos and live videos too! My parents were thrilled when they opened it and I know yours will be too!

Now on the the fun part! The monthly favs, here they are! Enjoy!

Giddy Up necklace: A new found company that I’m obsessed with is Western & Co they create leather goods and have a few accessories too. I fell in love with this paperclip chain, old English font necklace the second I saw it. I love that its 18k gold plated and I can layer it up with a ton of different pieces! I have for years only worn white gold and silver so recently I’ve been adding to my rose gold and gold collection with the help of my mom and hubby giving me gifts too!

Wrangler Pearl Snap Shirt: I’m just going to come out and say it here I saw this shirt on my sister in-law over thanksgiving and ordered it that evening 🤪 I’m a sucker for a good sturdy button up shirt. It’s great because it’s extra long and when you do a French tuck it looks freakin badass! Add some jeans and some boots and BAM! you have a whole look. Sorry not sorry to, my sister in-law who has great taste, for steeling your rad look. ILY! 🥰

FreeBird Woodland Boots: Let’s begin by stating that I didn’t own any FreeBird boots until last year and now I own 4 pairs 😬 my bestie has a bunch of them and I always loved her boots. So I finally caved and now I can’t stop, won’t stop. Literally every pair is great quality, comfortable, and stylish! These boots I did size down from my normal 6.5 to a 6 because they only do whole sizes and I am glad I didn’t size up because my foot would have been swimming. I wore these straight outta the box and they were soooo comfy. They don’t need any break in time at all which I love. The heel height is a traditional cowboy boot height so you don’t feel like your wearing heels and the stitching and craftsmanship is superb! These boots are a jaw dropper! I purchased the color ivory and it’s a creamy white that goes with literally everything! Def want to buy a pair of the suede ones now too!

Narwhal Speaker : I bought this as a gift for my husband in his stocking this year. I had a friend online rave about these for travel and the beach etc. I figured why not give them a try and I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and the sound! Great to pack with your yeti for a beach trip!

Concealed Carry Purse: Every year we do a name drawing for Christmas because our family is so big. We use a website called Elfster and its really neat to be able to make wishlists and the links are provided for you to order directly. I put this bag on my wishlist this year because well, you can never be too careful, especially these days. My youngest sister drew me this year and she got me the matching wallet and a cute horse print duffle overnight bag to go with it! I absolutely love the functionality of the purse and it fits my 9mm Tiffany blue Glock perfectly 😉

Until next month friends!




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