January 2023 Favorites!

Happy New Year Friends!

I wont blab on and on like I usually do but I did want to get these out to you before the end of the month. Here are the top contenders for my monthly favs for January. Enjoy!

Dog walking bag: I walk my girls every single day, unless its like -10 below and or super windy, they get walked. It is one of my favorite pass times and the best way to destress. Now that the puppy is able to go out and about walking has been a lot of fun. However, now that I have two pups I need both hands at all times. That’s where this bag comes in. It is stylish and functional! You can customize what color bag and have a variety of cute straps too. There is a treat bag on the strap as well as a poop bag dispenser on the side. I use this bag daily and it has made my walks so much easier with the two dogs.

Case Knife: my husband has many of these knives and he finally got me one as a stocking stuffer. He collects them and this style is his favorite because it’s an easy open with one hand. He even got me a purple one! My favorite color. It’s a great addition to my EDC!(every day carry)

Bombas Socks: I have waited too long to try these socks. I wasn’t quite sure what all the hype was about them. I’m socks are just socks right ? Well these socks are pretty darn awesome but I think that the really cool part is that every pair you buy a pair is donated so even though they are pretty expensive for a pair of socks you are technically paying for two pairs and giving someone else a pair. They are comfy, and actually stay up in your shoe so you don’t have to constantly fix your socks. I like them for running and working out and I now have replaced a ton of my sock drawer with them!

Horse Dress: Previously there was a sweater with silk sleeves that had this horse print on it and I was this close to ordering it because it was so darn cute but when I saw a month later that there was a dress in this print I loved it even more! It is husband approved too which is even better because half the stuff I wear my husband just laughs at me. I got a size extra small. I have a tiny frame so its a little long in the torso but other than that I was so pleased! It is lined and so so comfy to wear.

Waterproof Blanket: I’ve shared many products from Wilderdog and this one is another great buy. The girls love this blanket, it is so soft and fluffy, they are immediately drawn to lay down on it. I pack it in the car when we go on the road or lay it out on the end of the bed or sofa and they just curl right up on it. It is waterproof but does not have and crinkle noise to it which a lot of water proof things have. I got the cream colored blanket because it matches my home decor a little better. Either one is a great blanket for you and your pet and super cozy! I will continue to purchase things from Wilderdog because they support a different shelter every month and donate 1lb of dog food per purchase. At the end of the year they share just how many pounds they donate and the number is just heart warming knowing that so many pets will get a full belly at all the shelters across the country.

Well my friends thats all I have for you this month!

Talk to you soon!



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